Your January 2020 Content Marketing Refresher

Your January 2020 Content Marketing Refresher

Can you believe that January is almost over? With the New Year in full swing, I thought a small refresher could be beneficial in keeping your marketing efforts and social media on track. By remembering these three key points, maintaining your social media will be simpler than ever!


Have you ever heard the saying that “timing is everything”? In almost all situations that saying holds a lot of truth – especially when it comes to posting content. You can write a fantastic piece, but if it’s posted when fewer people are actively online then it’s probably not going to reach its full potential. 

Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Facebook Analytics allow you to view various analytics regarding your audience and show you what time periods they’re most active. They also have an automated post option, that allows you to schedule your posts so it can be posted during peak times.

Your January 2020 Content Marketing Refresher


Curate Content

Another great thing about having access to analytics is that it gives you insight into your audience profiles. Audience profiles can be as simple as the geographic location of your audience or can be broken down into age range, gender, and overall interests. Creating content for your audience is similar to writing a letter. If you understand who the content is being written for, then it’s significantly simpler to create personable content that they will want to interact with. This gives you the freedom to diversify your content within your specialty while knowing who you’re creating it for. 

Understanding these profiles allows you to know which content your audience is interacting with most and what trends they may be interested in. It’s always good to cover a variety of topics, but make sure they fit into your overall mission and brand. 

Content Clusters

Recently, Liyya Hassanali wrote an amazing post that broke down content clusters. It’s easy to overlook them, but understanding how to navigate them can increase your visibility in search rankings (and your business too). 

If you were to take a look through our website, you’d see that on the side of the “Marketing Tips” tab there are a variety of categories to choose from. These categories would be known as your pillar page – or general topics. It’s after you click on one of these topics that you have the opportunity to explore various subtopics within the pillar page. It’s these subtopics that add to the overall category, similar to chapters within a book. 

Your January 2020 Content Marketing Refresher

Thoroughly developing each of these pillar pages, allows users to see that you’re well-versed within a given topic and shows search engines that the page is a dominant authority in that specific topic. 

These tips will aid as starting points while you consistently develop your online presence throughout the year. We understand that it can be difficult expanding and maintaining your online presence, which is why we’re always here to help! Feel free to contact us for more information on simplifying your content marketing efforts!

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