The Cake is Baked With Words

Out of the clear blue, I started getting invites to join trivia teams. I wondered why that was, and then realized it’s because I’m a writer. Writers read. Writers study. Writers know some stuff about some stuff.

Writing is learning.

Every writing project I take offers the opportunity to delve into a new world of information. This year, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would about security problems on International Drive; vintage vs. antique French pottery; pediatric retinoblastoma; seat belt laws; dental consoles and handheld units; technology built into new homes… and there’s more.

Right now, I’m learning about augmented reality gaming, thanks to Angela Kendall of Spark Rocket Marketing. She brought me in to write content for a new app, and this is my second app project with her. I’m so excited. I’m meeting new people (gamers and technologists) and discovering what motivates gamers who are into augmented reality.

Of course, for some of that insight I need only turn to my son and Anna’s daughter, who were Pokémon GO early adopters, or immediate adopters, to be more accurate.

The game that Angela is developing a marketing strategy for also has fantasy elements, so I think a ComiCon visit is in my near future. I’m already planning my costume.

Getting immersed in a new topic is key to good writing.

Internet research is not enough. Interviews are not enough. Writing is far more intimate and demanding, which is why I do it. I was never very interested in viewing life from afar. Experience is everything.

To future Orlando Content Marketing clients and everyone else, I would say this: If you want your marketing efforts to truly tell your story, to satisfy your readers by answering their questions and addressing their real interests, get focused on the importance of copy. It all starts there. The images, graphics, and videos are the frosting, and they sure are appealing — but the cake is baked with words.

Sarah Kinbar

Sarah Kinbar is a Co-founder and Content Strategist at Orlando Content Marketing. She is a writer and editor with 20+ years of experience in publishing and communications.