How Can Social Media Increase My Visibility?

Which Social Media Platforms Are Best For Business?

Wanting to increase your business’ visibility and generate more leads? With over 3 billion people across the world regularly using social media, it’s no longer a question as to whether or not your business should have a presence on one (or multiple) sites.

Having a social media presence is essential, but the key is to find 2-3 platforms that truly represent your brand. There are too many social media sites to have an impactful presence in each, which makes it important to focus on a small number to maximize results. With each website having a different set of demographics, age ranges, and interests, here is a basic breakdown of each and how they can help your company:


I’ve been asked whether or not Facebook is still a relevant website to market a business on, and the most simple way to answer this question is… YES. As of July 2018, there are over 2.2 billion active users on Facebook each month, that’s a significant amount compared to the 3 billion people on social media.

With the multitude of tools available to businesses (such as audience insights and targeted ads), viewing demographics, age ranges, and behaviors becomes simple. Facebook is useful in lead generation, showing the human side of your company while showcasing different products and services.


LinkedIn is a necessary tool if your primary consumer is B2B based. LinkedIn is useful for showcasing industry-specific articles, whitepages, and specialized content. This helps establish your business or CEO as an expert in their related field, giving your business more credibility. With the average user age between 30-49, it is critical that your content is tailored to professionals.

Google My Business/Google+

Creating a Google+ account for your business helps Google generate valuable information on your business, such as: name, address, hours, reviews, and contact information. Although content does not consistently need to be posted on this site, your information needs to remain updated and consistent.


Instagram business accounts allow for companies to promote posts while actively engaging with users. With over a million active users averaging from 18-29 years old, it is a good tool for marketing to a younger demographic.

This website is exceptionally useful for businesses that offer aesthetically pleasing services, such as: travel, luxury, fashion, design, and art. To ensure that your profile flows seamlessly, one website that I have found useful is Plann.

Plann is a visual planner and analytics tool for Instagram, that allows for users to see how posts will appear on their profile. This helps ensure that your page does not appear cluttered and that each of the photos flow seamlessly.

Although Instagram’s recent algorithm change may be difficult to navigate at first, an easy breakdown of tips and tricks can be found here.


Twitter allows your business to view and join live conversations regarding your business. This website is especially helpful for easy to read content, such as: how to articles, quotes, and brief messages.

Engaging with audiences on this platform helps create more interaction with your brand; with a 28% higher engagement rate when viewers see a combination of both professional and audience created content.

Knowing which accounts will benefit your business most may seem complicated, but knowing user demographics and data can help simplify the decision. If you have any questions or need help managing your social media accounts, feel free to contact us!

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Tymothy Johnson

As the Digital Marketing Manager at Orlando Content Marketing, I ensure your company’s website is easily found on search engines all over the world. Through SEO, I can help drive traffic to your accounts.