What is SEO? How Can It Help My Business Thrive?

What Is SEO? How Can It Help My Business Thrive?

When working on your marketing plan, you’ll likely come across the phrase “SEO” (or search engine optimization). Although this tool can help increase traffic to your website, it can often seem confusing or challenging to master. Understanding the basics of what SEO is and how to navigate it is vital for SEO success.

What is SEO?

What is SEO? How Can It Help My Business Thrive?

Each major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have pages of search results that appear when various phrases are typed into the search bar, these pages are ranked on what the search engine considers to be most relevant for the user. Although you can pay to “up your ranking” through resources like Google Adwords, SEO is unpaid and organic.

How Can It Help My Business?

SEO allows for potential customers to find your business organically and easily. If your web pages are optimized, then your website could appear at the top of various searches. Think of search engines as websites that help answer your customer’s questions. When your customer types a question into the search engine, they reply back with resources that their algorithm believes would be most relevant. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to your business if potential customers see you as the answer to the issue they’re having? That’s the power of SEO for your business!

How Can I Optimize My Website?

One useful tool to show what factors are critical when search engines rank different websites is shown here. When looking at the chart provided on that website, it is evident that the three most important factors are: domain-level links, page-level links, and content/keywords.

What is SEO? How Can It Help My Business Thrive?

Allowing your website to have multiple pages gives your website both depth and allows for keywords to appear throughout it. One simple way to expand your website and SEO presence is by maintaining a blog. This also makes it simpler to embed relevant links throughout your website, since you will be able to add them into each post. One key thing to keep in mind when working on your website’s SEO is keywords. Picking the perfect keyword can be tough, but in these posts by Sarah Kinbar and Liyya Hassanali, the importance of keywords and how to select the perfect one are simplified.

Don’t Stress, Let The SEO Experts Help

Are you still unsure of where to begin or need help optimizing your webpage? Feel free to contact Orlando Content Marketing to make sure that your business is on the path to success!


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