Valtech white paper

Client Case Study: Valtech

Valtech is an international digital agency with a focus on big data and commerce. Their recently published white paper, The Future of Retail: Closing the Experience Gap for the Hyper-Connected Shopper, is the result of a collaboration between Valtech and Orlando Content Marketing. Filled with detailed, useful information and case studies, the paper is aimed at educating omnichannel businesses who are positioning themselves in today’s global, connected marketplace.

You might ask, “What does Orlando Content Marketing know about the global, connected marketplace?”

Good question. Prior to this project, we knew very little about the connected shopping experience on the retail side. We had some personal engagement as users, which did help, if only a little. But the benefit of having journalists on our team, great connections with experts of all kinds, and a fantastic client relationship with Valtech, is that we were able to get up to speed quite quickly.

First, we thoroughly reviewed their source material–the pages they pulled together from their own research. Then, we talked with our contacts to expand our view of the subject and isolate trending topics within it. Finally, we edited together our findings from both. We corresponded regularly with Valtech throughout the process, which took about a month.

The end result was an in-depth, truly informative white paper that serves as a significant marketing piece. It has editorial integrity, lots of practical, real-world examples, and the power to support Valtech’s industry leadership.

What does this mean for you? If you’re looking for support to create white papers, Orlando Content Marketing can help.

Sarah Kinbar

Sarah Kinbar is a Co-founder and Content Strategist at Orlando Content Marketing. She is a writer and editor with 20+ years of experience in publishing and communications.