Turn Your Blog Content Into Leads For Your Business | Lead Generation

Turn Your Blog Content Into Leads For Your Business

Oftentimes it’s easy to forget that blogging is an effective marketing tool and instead, treat it as something that “we do because we’ve always done it.” Through successful blogging, you can help increase your website’s ranking on Google and attract potential leads to your website. By asking these three questions, you can improve your blog by understanding your audience and providing relevant content:

Turn Your Blog Content Into Leads For Your Business | Lead Generation

Question 1: Are your readers searching for this content?

Maintaining a blog for your business is important to differentiate yourself as an industry leader, but writing a blog that provides content that readers are searching for will help generate traffic to your website. But how do you know what your readers are searching for? Both Hubspot and Google Analytics offer tools to help gain customer insight. These websites provide insights that allow you to see the most searched for keywords.

Question 2: Is your content relevant?

Relevancy is one of the most important factors presented in your blog. It’s understanding what niche your business is in and what content to your targeted audience is reading. The goal of your blog should be to answer questions that your audience may be having and helping them find solutions to their everyday problems. Before writing your blog, write down your overall goal for that specific post so that you will have a guide for evaluation after your post is complete.

Question 3: How is it performing?

If you haven’t had the chance yet, make sure to read Part 4 of the Your Content Marketing Playbook written by Liyya Hassanali. The reason that this post could benefit your business, is because it explains the importance of collecting and using data to pivot your business to your customers. This data can help you understand which blog posts are performing highly, and what key components within them are popular among with your readers.

Turn Your Blog Content Into Leads For Your Business | Lead Generation

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Utilizing these tools mentioned in this post will help make creating and enhancing your blog more simple. If you are still unsure of what content you should be writing or how to enhance it, contact Orlando Content Marketing. We would be more than happy to help get your marketing plan back on track!


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