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Today, Anna and I spent the morning at Canvs to participate in the The Evolving Mobile Landscape Bootcamp, sponsored by F.I.T. and taught by Colin Forward of Allogy. Canvs is a co-working space in the Church Street Exchange building that offers tech startups flexible, month-to-month workspace options; weekly events and programs; a network of mentors; and active relationships with civic, business, and educational organizations across Central Florida.

What piqued my interest the most during the workshop was learning about the various triggers for push notifications and SMS marketing texts. Geofencing can be an effective method to allow marketers to connect with consumers, depending on the vertical they work in. For example, if I were marketing a restaurant and wanted to connect with hungry people in the vicinity of that restaurant around noontime, I could use their device’s geolocation to trigger a text informing them of a special at the nearby restaurant.

But that’s just one small aspect of what was discussed today. Here are some of the other takeaways:

*Mobile is really good at being a coach in your pocket.

*Mobile is most successful when there’s an educational, motivational or organizational component.

*It’s important to be aware of what’s called “alarm fatigue,” especially in verticals where people receive a lot of notifications as part of their job. If you saturate them with notifications, they’ll ignore you.

*Design concepts for mobile should be more like swiping through a deck of cards rather than scrolling.

*Use every bit of screen real estate. Since the screen is small, you want your design to take advantage of every bit of it. Also, remember that you’re optimizing for thumbs.

*Designing a mobile app needs to be a go9al-based project, so you have to go into it very clear on what unique result you’re aiming for in order to provide value and avoid duplicating other existing apps.

*If you want to reach the most customers, you build an app for Android. If you want to reach the most affluent customers, you build for Apple.

Are you a mobile technology expert with some pointers to add? We’d love to hear from you!

Sarah Kinbar

Sarah Kinbar is a Co-founder and Content Strategist at Orlando Content Marketing. She is a writer and editor with 20+ years of experience in publishing and communications.