The Blog Post About The Lost Post

Back when Sarah and I launched our first Powers + Ristorcelli website, I lovingly crafted a blog post about all the various tech tools we use to make our lives easier. Todoist, Pages, Dropbox, Rdio, Sunrise, CamScanner, Google Docs: it was a love letter, crafted in pithy prose.

Then we moved platforms, from Squarespace to WordPress. The post disappeared. Vanished completely into the ether, despite the layers of redundancy (see: Pages, Dropbox, Google Docs,  WordPress, above) that we’ve built into our workflow.

We work hard to combat this sort of thing. I walk out the door in full digital armor, iPhone and MacBook and extra batteries at the ready. I save copies of articles in at least three separate locations. And Sarah and I often email pieces back and forth as an extra level of protection.

But this post—ironically, a humblebrag on how we use tech to manage our lives and business—somehow went missing.

As far as I can tell, there are no digital copies floating around in some hidden online cache. That’s the thing about the cloud: it’s wispy, and sometimes things fall out.

Here’s what I think happened: I never archived the post to Google Docs, where it would probably still live if I hadn’t been just a little sloppy. I did not name it with our usual conventions, so it might still live on my hard drive, just under an unidentifiable file name.

My point, I think, is that I was so dazzled by my own brilliance, so taken by my own words, that I failed to follow my own rules. Believe me when I say this would never happen with a client document; we’re operating at 0% loss in that regard. The lesson, then, is do onto yourself as you would do unto others. Doctor, heal thyself. Or something like that.

Don’t fall prey to your own hubris, writers. Your words can’t live in infamy if you don’t save them somewhere good.

So if you see my post, send it over. I’m still looking.

Anna Powers

Anna Powers is Co-founder of Orlando Content Marketing. For the past 15 years, Anna’s career has been shaped around content.