On-Site Content Coaching

Orlando writersYesterday Anna and I spent the morning on-site with clients who have undertaken a vigorous content marketing program to support their existing product lines as well new products that will be introduced this year.

Their blog posts are written from the co-founders’ perspectives based on material provided by them, and it’s our job to develop that material and turn it into posts that are fun to read, memorable and influential. Luckily, our clients are very smart people who come up with great ideas–they are extremely quotable.

It’s also our job to get inside their heads so we can write as they would, and ultimately be an extension of their voice. Originally we created these blog posts without meeting regularly in person, but then we recognized how much value there would be in face-to-face contact. Yesterday’s meeting led to some pretty amazing content that will be up on their blog soon, and it’s clear that we’re honing in on the approach that is best for their audience.

Our goal is to ultimately get them to a place where they don’t need us. That’s why we call it “content coaching.” As we continue to meet and talk through ideas for blog posts, our clients are going to get to where they can do that on their own with a little support from their in-house marketing staff. The average time we spend coaching a client to get them to that point of independence is about a year.

There have been so many motivational books written about the act and art of writing (among the best is Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird), that you might wonder if the additional support of content coaching is really necessary for a business that’s engaged in content marketing. Here are some of the unique benefits:

*Immediate feedback about content ideas

*Structured dialogue that leads to actual stories you can post

*Motivation that helps you overcome procrastination

*Professional friendships that are productive and enlightening

Have you consulted on content or been the recipient of good content consulting? We’d like to know your thoughts on the process and how it worked for you or your client.

Sarah Kinbar

Sarah Kinbar is a Co-founder and Content Strategist at Orlando Content Marketing. She is a writer and editor with 20+ years of experience in publishing and communications.