Why Content Marketers Should Work With SEO Experts

Important Issue We Need To Get Out Of The Way #1:

When it comes to having your content found by Google, keywords still matter. (I wedged four important ones--content, marketers, SEO, and experts--into the title of this post.)

Important Issue We Need To Get Out Of The Way #2:

Creating relevant, valuable content that people are actually searching for matters just as much, if not more, than good keywording. Yes, that’s right. Based on our recent experience, writing a post on returning to work after traumatic brain injury is going to be just as useful for those people searching for going back to work head injury, whether or not that exact phrase is present in the article. And if that audience likes and shares to an even bigger audience, then one SEO goal, that of getting more interested eyeballs on your content, is accomplished.

This strategy, combining keywording with subject clusters, isn’t our idea, but it is our practice. We’ve developed it in concert with Dennis Miller of Capture Point Media, our SEO authority, occasional podcast guest, and frequent collaborator. And interestingly, the topic + keyword philosophy was discussed just this week by Rand Fishkin on Moz’s blog. You should watch the entire video because it’s thoughtful, but here’s the crux of the thing:

“So I take my keyword research ideas and my tool results from all the exercises I did over here. I take my topic and concept brainstorm, maybe some of my topic tool results, my user research results. I take these and put them together in a list of concepts and needs that our content is going to answer grouped by combinable keyword targets — I'll show you what I mean — with the right metrics.” (Emphasis mine.)

Fishkin basically outlines here how he will create a piece of well-ranked content: considering topics, needs, and keywords, all based on user research, keyword stats, and additional metrics. All this bolding brings us to...

Important Issue We Need To Get Out Of The Way #3:

To be most effective, content creators need data, big important piles of it, about our clients’ ideal customers, and their behaviors, desires, pain points. I want to know all of it: how long a user hovers before they click, and how long they hesitate before they don’t. Where they enter a site, and where they decide to leave. When they’re searching. When they’re returning. And then I can begin to figure out why my content did (or didn’t) work, and did (or didn’t) convert.

Although I’m reliant on Google Analytics and other content measurement tools that help us determine ROI, Dennis and other SEOs have entire software suites at their disposal. Because they’re the ones with the most accurate, detailed numbers, SEOs can help content marketers, the ones with the words, pinpoint exactly how to plan, refine, and iterate.

In short: there’s a straight, strong line connecting good content to good SEO.

I wish I could get a solid “So say we all” right here. But there are a lot of content marketers operating in a data vacuum, perhaps because they haven’t met or sought the right SEO, whose services complement their own.

So in my next post, I’ll talk details about how we work with SEOs: the specific processes we use to generate leads, retain customers, and craft thought leadership for our mutual clients.

Anna Powers

Anna Powers is Co-founder of Orlando Content Marketing. For the past 15 years, Anna’s career has been shaped around content.