Partners in Education

This school year we’ve been making monthly visits to Boone High School to work with students who write, edit and publish the school newspaper, Hi-Lights. Led by all-star teacher Renee Burke, these students have created a publication that is widely circulated on campus as well as the surrounding community, plus has an online reach with unique content that doesn’t just duplicate the print version.

Our goal is to share what we’ve learned with students who could possibly become professional writers, and to support their endeavor to be excellent journalists while they’re still in high school.

Anna and I have both worked in the publishing industry for a long time, and both studied English at the University of Central Florida (at the same time! but we never met back then!). We also have teaching experience, so spending time at Boone is a natural fit. In my early twenties, I filled in at school in Maitland for a 12th grade English teacher who was on maternity leave. Anna taught extensively at the college level in New York as an adjunct at Columbia and other top-notch universities in the city.

Our monthly workshops with Boone students are part of our commitment to OCPS Partners in Education. This program links businesses and organizations with schools to share resources, both in people and materials. Each flourishes from the support and prosperity of the other. Schools must prepare today’s students for their entry into a diverse, competitive work force. When businesses take part in the education of these young people, they help strengthen the work force of the future. The Partners in Education program is vital in helping the community and the school system work and grow together.

We strongly recommend that our clients and all the professionals in our network get involved!

Sarah Kinbar

Sarah Kinbar is a Co-founder and Content Strategist at Orlando Content Marketing. She is a writer and editor with 20+ years of experience in publishing and communications.