Nine More Things You Need to Know About Social Media

Nine More Things You Need to Know About Social Media

Tip 7 – Photos and videos for social media 

Sometimes you need photos and videos that are custom made for you. Sometimes you’ll post links that automatically populate with an image. Sometimes you can use stock photos. Sometimes you’ll create a graphic with visual appeal. Whatever the case, every post should have an associated image or video.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Maury Bright from The Empowered X Brand, and one of the key things that he expressed was that when it comes to taking the perfect photo “there’s no end all be all answer.” Throughout our conversation three important tips that he stated were:

  1. Ask yourself whether your photos tell a story/message or invoke a certain feeling within your audience – each photo needs to have a purpose,  and knowing the purpose behind yours can help you tell your story more effectively.
  2.  From an aesthetic approach – everything featured within the frame should have a purpose. 
  3. Ask yourself why you are looking to revamp your social media – this helps identify what audience you hope to target and capture.  

Tip 8 – Graphics for social media

If you have access to a graphic designer, great. Your social media manager can give this person assignments a month in advance and graphics can be created in batches. This might be a literal chart, an illustration, or another visual. Variety is the spice of life, so using different kinds of visuals can grab the attention of different types of audience members. But remember that every graphic should be branded. These rules also apply if you are creating the graphics without the help of a designer. Tools like DesignBold and Canva allow you to create mid-level quality graphics that are usually polished enough for posting.

Nine More Things You Need to Know About Social Media

Tip 9 – Writing for social media 

A novelist will tell you that it’s harder to write short blurbs that are meaningful than it is to convey the same message with a full page. Economy of language is a gift that few people have. Those few people are the ideal writers for your social media posts. How much can be said in 280 characters? Turns out, quite a lot. Knowledge of hashtag networks is also critical to successful social media snippet writing. Each hashtag should be relevant to the content that you are posting about, allowing specific audiences to discover your content. An article that I read on thoroughly explains when to use certain hashtags and how to utilize them to reach the largest audience.

Nine More Things You Need to Know About Social Media

Tip 10 – Assigning the work

Without that triple threat personality on your team, you’ll rely on multiple people to create and post your content. Empower your social media manager to make assignments and set deadlines. Don’t let hierarchy or competing priorities get in the way. The accountability structure has to match the content needs.

Nine More Things You Need to Know About Social Media

Tip 11 – Tools for posting 

Hootsuite. Sprout Social. Buffer. Social media scheduling tools offer more than that: they provide analytics so you know how your social media engagement is faring. Use one of them religiously!

Nine More Things You Need to Know About Social Media

Tip 12 – Hyper engagement – what is it? 

If someone in your audience comments on a post, you need to respond personally the same day, and the response must be custom, not canned. Another element of engagement that falls beneath the hyper engagement on umbrella is activity on channels like Reddit, where a sharp human mind is required. The digital marketing efforts making the most headway right now are in the hyper engagement sphere. Consider having your social media manager take this online course:

Tip 13 – Marketing integration 

The themes and topics in your social media content calendar should align with the themes and topics in your eNewsletter, printed newsletter, blog, and other media outlets. Full stop.

Tip 14 – Lead generation

Your lead generation practices should incorporate social media campaigns and tactics. If you aren’t already fluent in such practices, there’s no time like the present to become so. The left half needs to know what the right half is doing, which means that the person leading the way on lead generation with regard to donor development should be in lockstep with the social media manager.

Tip 15 – Assessing and making tweaks 

Follow up on all these tips and you’ll have a robust social media program. Every six months, review your analytics and see what’s working and what’s not. Don’t interrupt today’s posts based on that. When you plan your next quarter of content, implement changes there. Revising the current quarterly plan is inefficient and hurts your momentum more than it helps.

We understand that implementing all 15 of these tips can seem overwhelming (if not impossible) at a first glance. Let this gift help you get a kickstart with your 2020 social media strategy. We hope that you have a happy holiday season with your loved ones and make this upcoming year the best yet! Feel free to contact us with any questions or for help with revamping your social media strategy.


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