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More Content Marketing Examples To Help You Make It Through The Dog Days Of Summer

If you’ve read Part I in this series, you know that content marketers are doing clever things these days! From video documentaries to augmented reality and must-have mapping apps, our first post highlighted five modern-day content marketing examples that are fresh and innovative.

In this second post, we highlight five more terrific examples of content marketing that just may help you get out of a summertime content marketing rut!

Best Content Marketing Examples | Content Marketing Ideas

5 More Inspired Pieces of Content Marketing

1. Airbnb Guidebooks. Airbnb is all about traveling like a local instead of a tourist. But once you find the perfect lodging, then what? The vacation site tapped into this missing resource by developing AirBnB Guidebooks. Think of them as mini-travel planning guides full of tips from locals about the best places to eat, can’t miss sites, and even the best parks in the area.

Why it made the list: The Guidebooks build on the AirBnB brand of local travel. It’s a logical extension of AirBnB’s primary service that fulfills a visitor’s needs. The interactive nature of the guidebooks allows users to create an itinerary and even explore local sites that aren’t in the guidebook.

2. Primary – DIY. Primary is for parents who are over the cutesy text, emblems, and logos found on so many children’s clothes. The company creates no-frills, timeless baby and children’s apparel. This lends itself well to DIY fun and the company knows it. Primary has dedicated a section of its website to DIY, no sewing required, costume ideas, using primary clothing as the base piece. There’s even a costume concierge to help with questions.

Why it made the list: Primary DIY utilizes user-generated content to promote its products. By highlighting customer creations and providing instructions for making them, the company boosts its’ brand in a realistic manner, while constantly generating fresh content. The content is authentic, relatable, and extremely well-organized making searches a breeze.

3.Wistia – One, Ten, One Hundred Documentary. Video content is exploding; it’s the fastest-growing content marketing channel, but producing quality videos is a challenge for budget-minded marketers. Wistia tackles this challenge head-on with it’s One, Ten, One Hundred Documentary which takes a look at what an organization can do with a $1,000, $10,000 and $100,000 video budget. The underlying theme is how budgets affect the marketing process – and outcomes.

Why it made the list: Wistia isn’t afraid to address the elephant in the room: budgeting and its effect on the creative process. The 4-part series of videos is compelling and informative, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at video marketing, which could be used to influence future budget discussions.

4. Hershey’s – Celebrate With Hershey’s. Celebrate with Hershey’s is a microsite that builds on the company’s primary blog by collating recipes, DIY crafts and projects, games, and more in one easily updated area. This helps keep content fresh and relevant to the seasons – hugely important for recipe sites.

Why it made the list: This microsite makes managing content easier. For a business that needs to swap out content or update the website seasonally, a microsite makes a ton of sense. It’s also full of handy supporting materials like instructions, printables, and games to help users make the most of the site….and Hershey products. It’s a terrific site to gain ideas for kid-friendly recipes and activities.

5. Blendtec – Will it Blend? Humor is highly engaging. Funny videos are among the most shared types of content and Blendtec fully capitalizes on that trend. The company’s “Will it Blend?” content marketing campaign is a fun and engaging way to promote the Blendtec name. These addicting videos showcase Blendtec blenders with a cheesy script, gameshow type background music, and a stereotypical dorky host blending up a host of modern-day products from coffee to iPhones. The low-quality production value adds to the charm.

Why it made the list: Will it Blend? is addicting, funny, and lighthearted but also informational and share-worthy. It’s tough to leave the site after just one video or without sharing a video with someone. That makes it a content marketing win in my book.

Bust Out of Your Content Marketing Slump

What do you think? Do any of these ten content marketing examples resonate with you or inspire you to add something new to your content marketing plan?

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