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Maximize Post Potential Smart Social Media Engagement

It’s time to talk about everyone’s best friend and biggest frustration… growing your social media engagement and reach. Analytics offer valuable insight into your customers, and by having the ability to read and understand these numbers, you can successfully target the right audiences while maximizing post potential. Many services offer free analytics consultations, and you should take advantage of those. Once you have a handle on reading and understanding analytics, you’ll be ready to take on post maximization using services already provided to businesses on both Facebook and Instagram.

Get in Rhythm with Social Media Engagement

Navigating Facebook and Instagram’s new algorithms can shoot you to the top of your user’s feeds. The reason it is important to read and understand analytics is that they help you understand your audiences. Those insights help you craft custom content that appeals to the people you want to reach most. The organic way to grow your audience is to post regularly, but the key is to have quality content that connects with your target audiences’ interests and preferences. Content isn’t just photos. Photos are VERY IMPORTANT but so are words. Generate interaction by captioning your posts with open-ended questions that invite responses. This encourages users to engage with your profile while increasing your chance of ending up on someone’s “recommended” or “discover” page.

Timing your posts

Lucky for you, your social media account can hit multiple peaks each week. It’s important to know what dates and times your users are most active. Instagram has made this option simple with the implementation of in-app analytics. Through this new system, a chart shows what days of the week and hours your users are most active. Facebook for Business also offers a similar tool under the “insight” section which shows you what time of the day most of your users are online. This could help drive traffic to a Facebook Live video in which users will receive a notification when you are streaming. Have you found these tips helpful? If so, we have more to share with you!
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