Make The Jump To Video Marketing With A Solid Strategy

Have you been toying with the idea of adding a video marketing strategy to your marketing efforts? If so, you are not alone! Many businesses that never expected to ever want or need to create video content to reach their customers are now doing exactly that.

Why this change? A lot of it has to do with social media and the rise of YouTube. Give that social media use by business organizations has increased, those same businesses find that their followers want video content. YouTube stats back this up. The platform has over 1 billion users in 88 countries! What’s more, Cisco Forecast suggests that video will represent 80% of all consumer-based Internet traffic by 2019. With those kinds of numbers, it’s clear that video isn’t going anywhere so it makes absolute sense to look into video marketing…and that starts with a video marketing strategy.

Developing A Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing should be treated the same as your other forms of marketing. That means giving it a budget and resources, creating goals and objectives, and measuring those objectives. The video marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overly complex. At its most basic, the strategy should support your overall marketing efforts and align with your company goals.

Ask yourself these questions as you develop your video marketing strategy:

  • Who is our target audience? Demographics matter. Who do you want to reach with these videos?
  • What are our goals? Goals may be: to educate, inform or teach, to convert, to build brand awareness, to answer questions, or build a following.
  • What kinds of videos do we want to create? Not sure? Try different types of videos and see which ones resonate most with your audience. Options include storytelling videos, animated explainer videos, testimonials, webinars, how-to videos, behind-the scenes, and more. There is no one “perfect” video type. Videos will vary based on the business/industry and the audience.
  • Who will create the video? Do you have the capability to produce the types of videos you want in-house? If not, collaborate with a professional studio for help. Identify internal players who will help with content creation, script writing, etc. Who is going to own the video marketing effort of the business?
  • Where will the content be posted? Your videos should live on your website. This ensures the customer always returns to your site, but they can also be posted on YouTube or social media with links back to your website.
  • How will we measure performance? How will you know your videos are working? Look at metrics like drop-off rates, click through rates, and total video consumption. This will give you an idea of which videos are being watched, for how long, and whether or not they are leading to conversion.

A video marketing strategy will help prevent you from wasting your time and money on aimless content that does nothing to advance your business. Developing a strategy and figuring out which video formats work best for your business will take time and effort, but the payoff is getting in on this very lucrative, hot marketing strategy that shows no signs of slowing down.

Now that you’re heading in a solid direction with strategy development, connect with our friends at Epic Marketing Productions. They’re the local video pros we count on!

Liyya Hassanali

Liyya Hassanali is a seasoned Orlando-based content creator with expertise in SEO and marketing. She writes regularly for Orlando Content Marketing clients and her own clients.