Local SEO - How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business

How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business Through Local SEO Tactics

Did you know that 86% of consumers use the Internet to find a local business? With the Internet at our fingertips, your business’ primary goal should be to provide answers to the questions your customers are asking. Through local SEO, customers have a way to discover the products and services that you’re offering and get those answers!

In 2017, ILawyerMarketing posted a survey evaluating 400 participants who had hired a lawyer in the past. After evaluating the results, the survey concluded that a majority of the participants had discovered the lawyer through their Google presence. Learning how to enhance your SEO presence could increase both customer reviews and interaction with your business. So how can you increase your SEO presence? Services such as Google My Business, review websites and blogging all allow for customers to see what distinguishes your business while providing real-time reviews from other customers.

Google My Business


Google My Business gives customers important information regarding your business. Once you create an account, your business will appear in searches when customers are looking for your business or ones similar to it. Through your Google My Business page, relaying change of hours or new promotions becomes simple. Now with multiple new features, there is now a “Q & A” section that allows for you to address customer questions or even complaints. There is also a section to post news regarding your business, and customers have the ability to book appointments or orders directly through this platform.

Review Sites

Review websites help your customers see real-time reviews and opinions of other customers who have gone to your local business. Websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare could determine whether or not a customer decides to stop by your business. These sites also allow for you to add more information regarding your business, such as: business address, hours of operation, contact information along with photos and videos.

Yelp - Local SEO - How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business

These websites draw credibility to your business, by also allowing potential customers to see how frequently people come into your business. Foursquare allows customers to “check in” to your business, and then advertises how many times they come. Need another reason to list your business on these websites? Each month, Yelp receives an average of 40.47 million visitors,  while TripAdvisor receives 28.27 million and FourSquare receives over 3.67 million!

Google Trends

Once you’re setup with the review sites, and want to begin writing your blog, you might be asking: How do I know which keywords will drive the most traffic to my website? Google Trends is a Google tool that allows you to see what search terms are trending in various industries. Picking the correct keyword is important, and the process becomes more simple by utilizing this tool.


Often we put blogging on the back burner because we think it’s too time-consuming and not that useful. What we fail to remember is how blogging can increase traffic to websites. Blogs are full of various keywords that can be an answer to a question that one of your customers may have. Unsure of what to write about? Listen to the questions your customers are asking during a conversation. If they are asking those questions in person, then odds are that the same questions are being asked online.

Social Media

With over 208 million people in the United States, having a presence on social media helps gain your business exposure. Businesses such as restaurants and hotels benefit from having a presence on Instagram, since their services are experience oriented. Through the use of hashtags and geo-tagging, your business becomes more discoverable.

Small Business Saturday

With the growing trend of supporting small businesses, increasing your local SEO presence is important because it allows customers in specific regions to find your business. Events supporting small businesses, such as Small Business Saturday, are helping small businesses gain exposure while giving consumers another reason to support your company. By finding ways to distinguish your business from others, customers can easily see what you have to offer and how it can benefit them.

Are you still unsure of what tools to use or how much this could benefit you? Contact our team at Orlando Content Marketing, we are more than happy to assist you and help grow your business.


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