Is Your Landing Page Converting Leads?

Is Your Landing Page Converting Leads?

Is your business considering building a landing or lead capture page? Landing pages can be highly effective in converting prospective clients into warm leads, but only if the correct methodologies are implemented. Inexperienced marketers frequently direct their PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns directly to the homepage of their companies’ websites. Still, this method will decrease your conversion rate, costing your business more money than it needs to spend. 

Is Your Landing Page Converting Leads?

Landing pages should be filled with relevant information regarding the campaign that your business is running but should have a definitive starting and ending point. By implementing these three fundamental components into your company’s landing pages, you’ll see an uptick in conversion rates. 

Keep it Short and Sweet

Did you know that the average user will stay on a website for less than 15 seconds? If you aren’t able to generate interest within that short period, your audience will likely leave before understanding the purpose of that page. We can receive information almost instantaneously from our smartphones and laptops, making it even more important to give your audience information first then the details later. 

Lyft does an excellent job of putting this into action. When potential drivers visit their landing page, it provides the signup field instantaneously, then provides the benefits and details later. This shows their audience what the purpose of the page is, then helps generate interest so that people ask themselves, “Why should I choose Lyft?” 

Is Your Landing Page Converting Leads?

Be Upfront With Your Audience

Trust is a significant factor when customers decide which company to use; if your customers feel that your landing page is misleading, they may go look for information elsewhere. Make sure that your landing page is relevant to what you’re advertising. Customers are heading to your page for a specific reason, and if the information doesn’t meet their needs, then you’ve lost your chance. 

Airbnb gives potential hosts a sense of comfort upon viewing their landing page. Although they do provide estimates regarding how much money a host could potentially make, their main focus is how Airbnb protects their hosts through property damage and liability. The “Host Guarantee” gives testimonials about the sense of comfort people have by renting through Airbnb and how the additional income is improving their home.  

Is Your Landing Page Converting Leads?

Have a Clear CTA

Each landing page should have a specific call to action. While website homepages have multiple options, a landing page should only have one. Having only one option, whether it be to sign up for a newsletter or receive an exclusive coupon, will help minimize distractions for your visitors so that they will stay on track. 

Creating an effective landing page runs hand in hand with understanding your overall marketing plan for the current quarter or year. Are you looking to increase leads for future promotions? Or are you pushing an ongoing promotion that’s running? Knowing what your objectives are and the journey that you want your potential buyers to partake will help increase your conversion rates. 

Please feel free to contact us at Orlando Content Marketing if you need assistance in defining your marketing goals or developing an audience profile for the remainder of 2020. We’re always happy to help!


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