Is Your Blog Reaching Its Maximum Potential | Blogging Strategies

Is Your Blog Reaching Its Maximum Potential?

One thing that I learned growing up was that “if you’re going to do something then do it to the best of your ability.” When it comes to posting regularly on your blog it’s easy to think of it as a chore, but what we fail to keep in mind is that posting relevant content can generate leads for your business. When writing your next post, keep these four tips in mind to maximize your blog’s potential:

1. Add Value

Ask yourself, “what struggles or questions are consumers in my industry facing, and how can I be a guide to them?” Offering solutions or tips to problems that your customers frequently encounter will cause them to view you as an expert in your industry. Granted, not every person reading your blog will turn into a sale, but if they view your content as useful then they’re more likely to share it with their circle of influence.

Is Your Blog Reaching Its Maximum Potential | Blogging Strategies

2. Allow Your Customer to be Curious

Now I’ll admit, I’ve fallen victim to reading those cheesy clickbait articles one too many times. Everybody rolls their eyes when they hear about clickbait, but there’s a reason why it’s still around. The titles have a way of creating curiosity that makes the reader want to find more on what’s being suggested. You want your title to tell your audience what the article is going to be about, but without spoiling the ending. 

3. Tailor Your Keywords

Have you ever searched for something but just can’t find what you’re looking for? Tailoring your keywords ensures that your post appears in front of the proper audiences who will be more likely to read and interact with what you’re writing about. Incorporating niche keywords also helps focus in on specific audiences that many other posts may not target. Liyya Hassanali wrote a fantastic article breaking down the process for selecting proper keywords and fully optimizing your post

Is Your Blog Reaching Its Maximum Potential | Blogging Strategies

4. Include Past Blog Posts

It’s very rare that people will turn down the opportunity to promote their business for free. What if I told you that your blog can do that for you? Through hyperlinking relevant posts from past blog posts, it connects past articles while showing that you have discussed this subject multiple times. These hyperlinks help create “content clusters” that increase your website rankings while showing audiences that this is a topic you’re an expert in. 

Is Your Blog Reaching Its Maximum Potential | Blogging Strategies

Although these tips can help boost your blog’s visibility and impact, it can be difficult to fully implement them into your next post. Feel free to contact us at Orlando Content Marketing for advice and guidance on maximizing your next blog post. 


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