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Instagram For Your Business – Is It Worth It?

It’s no doubt that social media use has skyrocketed within the past decade, but oftentimes companies overlook the potential of these platforms. Instagram is one of these business tools that can display your products or projects directly to your customers so that they can have a glimpse of how your company can benefit them. Instagram may not be for every industry type, but for some, it can increase business and gain exposure.

Increase Visibility

With over 700 million monthly users on Instagram, the opportunities for reaching new audiences are endless. Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates among other social media platforms, with 59% of users visiting the site daily. You can learn how to navigate Instagram’s algorithm to make sure you’re gaining maximum exposure with your social media engagement.

Instagram For Your Business | Orla

Remind Customers of Your Brand

Don’t fall into the saying “out of sight, out of mind,” using Instagram regularly will remind your customers of your presence so that they’ll be more likely to use your products or service in the future. Instagram hosts multiple features such as Stories and Instagram TV, to allow your followers to get a first-hand look at events you’re working, production, or any glimpse of the company you want to give them. These features allow you to create a personal connection with your customers so that you’ll become more than just a business to them.

Instagram For Your Business | Orlando Content Marketing

Promote Products

Instagram gives you the opportunity to display your products or projects through posts. Recent updates even allow you to sell merchandise on the app, so that users can purchase products without having to leave. The process may seem challenging at first, but there are resources are available to help your business with Instagram Shoppable Posts. You can even promote posts within the app, tailoring into what locations and interests you are looking to target.

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