How To Increase My Business Through Email Marketing Campaigns

How To Increase My Business Through Email Marketing Campaigns

With the new year quickly approaching, the time has come to reevaluate which marketing channels are performing and which have been subpar. Lately, the focus has been placed on the importance of marketing within social media, yet one of the most reliable and important channels has been overlooked… email marketing. Email marketing allows you to subtly advertise your business to people who have expressed prior interest, but failure to produce an effective marketing campaign can either land you in the spam folder or trash. By following these three “best practices,” your customers will begin to look forward to your emails.


Although “one size fits all” sounds like phenomenal, often these products end up being “subpar for all.” One survey showed that 56 percent of people who unsubscribed from an email list did so because the content was not relevant. Instead of trying to cater to every lead within your email list, segment them based upon their wants and needs. You can segment your list by asking customers which list they would like to belong to or by looking at their purchasing behavior and location.

The more you understand about your customers’ behavior, the easier it is to know which category they would benefit most in. This allows you to send promotions, informational emails, and company updates to the correct group.

Keeping It Short & Sweet

Because fifty-five percent of marketing emails opened are on mobile devices, having a shorter message creates simplicity for the reader.  Most reading is done by skimming, and if readers are able to quickly glance at your message they can easily digest what the email contains. Longer emails are often closed and never revisited because the reader feels as if they don’t have the time or focus to read a lengthy article.

Subject lines are the first impression for the reader to understand what your email contains. Making a personalized subject line draws a connection with the reader and creates enthusiasm about the upcoming conversation while decreasing your chance of ending up in either the spam folder or trash. Allow the subject line to give the reader a glimpse of what is inside without giving the impression of being sales-focused.


After segmenting your email lists, it’s time to choose what type of email campaigns will go to each list. Some key things to remember are:

  • Not all email campaigns need to be sales-oriented.
  • Sometimes a shorter message can have a bigger impact.
  • Use your campaigns to start a conversation.
  • Create an intriguing subject line.

In past blog posts, I discussed how blogging can differentiate your business as an industry leader… why should your email campaign be different? Providing your customers with updates on new information surrounding your industry could benefit your business by distinguishing yourself as a source for useful information.


After targeting your audience for your upcoming campaign, it’s time to position your message in a way that reminds the customer of your presence and creates a desire for your product. Incorporating your logo and images into an email is a simple way to give the reader’s eyes a break while reminding the reader who the email is from. When using graphics within your email, test it to your device first to make sure that it is a mobile-friendly image and won’t disrupt the formatting.

Using web-based tools such as Bloom and Google Analytics, allow you to track each campaign’s performance to see what elements work best within your customer base. With tracking your campaigns, you can also see which customers interact with your content and which immediately delete it. It’s important to consistently reevaluate your email list to see which customers should be removed from this list so that you aren’t constantly filling their inboxes with emails they won’t touch.

Why Email Marketing Campaigns?

Email marketing campaigns can be one of the most effective methods of forming a relationship with your customers and keeping them updated on new information. Deciding on an email campaign can feel overwhelming, which is why we can help you decide how to segment, target, and position your next campaign! Contact the team at Orlando Content Marketing for help on deciding what campaign would best benefit your business!


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