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Gain Customer Insight to Tailor Your Posts

How are you tailoring your posts towards customers? Oftentimes you’ll hear marketing strategists discussing the importance of developing an audience profile, but what tools are available to gain insight into the wants and needs of your customers? Luckily, we’re in the age of data and analytics which makes it relatively simple to gain a glimpse of our consumer profiles. 

Content Strategy | Customer Profiles | Social Media Marketing

Utilize Tools On Social Media

Facebook and Instagram have made reviewing your customer’s profiles relatively seamless. The insights tool gives a breakdown of when your audience is most active followed by their age, location and gender. Apart from reviewing these insights, each post gives you the option to see how many times your content appeared in front of users with the number of interactions. Knowing what type of content resonates most with your audience, allows you to strategically place that content throughout your content calendar

Content Strategy | Customer Profiles | Social Media Marketing

Exploring Third-Party Websites

We are an analytics-driven culture, and almost always every decision within a business needs to have the numbers to make that idea plausible. Third-party websites can often give you additional insights into how your content is performing. These websites also allow you to manage each of your accounts on your laptop or desktop (Instagram’s insights tool is only available within their mobile app.) 

Content Strategy | Customer Profiles | Social Media Marketing

Two of my favorite websites for analytics are and Sproutsocial gives a breakdown of your social media profiles so that your business can easily track your performance and audience trends, whereas Awario allows your business to track when your business is mentioned across social media platforms and how those mentions are performing. 

You may have all the data, but at times it can seem like you’re trying to read a different language. Feel free to contact us at Orlando Content Marketing for help in getting started on this data-driven journey.


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