How Focus Leads To Success, At Home And At Work

How Focus Leads To Success, At Home And At Work

In addition to working for Orlando Content Marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to compete in waterskiing. In my main event, slalom, the purpose is to go around a course of six buoys (obstacles) without missing one or falling. After completing a pass, the rope is then shortened to make it more difficult. At times it’s easy to focus on completing the sixth buoy when I haven’t yet reached the second. That leads to a wipeout!

How Focus Leads To Success, At Home And At Work

Tymothy Johnson Waterskiing

The reason that I didn’t reach my fullest potential is because I didn’t follow my original plan and became distracted along the way. Many companies face this exact issue. While working toward their final goal, they become distracted and stray away from their strategic plan.

While many of us can give a brief description of what we hope to achieve both professionally and personally, how many of us have a plan for how we’re going to achieve it? Although focusing on future goals is important, we often neglect the small steps needed in the present to make progress.

Small Goals Could Equal Big Outcomes

Here’s my secret to accomplishing big things, at home or at work:

Create a framework of small, tangible goals… and determine a plan for achieving them one by one. Envisioning the end result is much more interesting, but running the “course” and reaching your ultimate goal will only occur by continually taking small, predetermined steps.

Making your goals tangible doesn’t mean that you can’t reach for the stars, but instead places focus on how you plan to reach them. If you see yourself struggling to stay on task, create miniature goals for each day, week, and month, to track your progress towards your overall goal. Writing each goal down into a daily to-do list helps establish a timeline for the progress you hope to achieve, while giving yourself a sense of direction.

I find that using the organization platform Todoist makes it simple to create a to-do list that’s also mobile! All you have to do is make an account, add your tasks, then set a deadline for each one. Now it’s just up to you to check off each task as you complete them.

Do you know of any of tools to help stay on task? We’d love to hear about them!

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