How Does a Content Calendar Help my Business

How Does A Content Calendar Help My Business?

When it comes to our marketing plan, we oftentimes think that we can “wing it” and post when events occur with our business. What we fail to realize is that posting sporadically can cause our content channels to lack synergy and consistency. Creating a quarterly or monthly content calendar can help avoid these inconsistencies and help get your marketing back on track. 

Give Your Business Clarity

How Does a Content Calendar Help my Business

If you’re looking for a fresh start to get your marketing back on track, I suggest reading Liyya Hassanali’s post about “tidying up” your content marketing plan. Having a content calendar can show what type of content your business has been posting and can help create a bigger picture of what direction your various channels should take. Almost every other aspect of our businesses are planned, from finances to inventory, so why do we frequently overlook our marketing plan? 

Saves Your Time

I’ll be the first to admit, creating a content calendar can seem like a tedious task (if not a pain at times.) You constantly dread having to sit down and plan out content for the upcoming weeks. However, the few hours invested in creating this calendar will save headaches and time in the future. Instead of randomly thinking about what to post, you can simply look at the calendar and pull content from there.

Synchronize Your Channels

How Does a Content Calendar Help my Business

We’ve all heard the saying “a house divided will fall,” and in a business having unity is vital for success. If your posts are not consistent and vary among social media platforms, then it can create a feeling of disorganization. Having a plan for what to post, allows your content to get maximum exposure while showing your audiences that your business is organized. 

We know that plans change, but having an idea of how you plan to grow your marketing can create simplicity while growing your business. Are you still unsure of where to start? Feel free to read Your 2019 Content Marketing Playbook or contact the team at Orlando Content Marketing! We’re here to help!


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