Diversity in Content Marketing | Content Marketing Strategy

How Diverse Is Your Content Marketing Strategy?

It’s impossible to ignore the protests against police violence and the calls for racial equity that are rippling through the United States this summer. I’ve seen company after company release statements in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and of their brand’s commitment to diversity.

Diversity in Content Marketing | Content Marketing Strategy

It got me thinking about how marketers are well-positioned to drive diversity and inclusion for their brands and for the country as a whole. As content marketers, it is our job to expand brand reach, retain current customers, and connect with new audiences. A big part of that job is knowing your audience well enough to understand the needs of different demographics, then developing a content marketing strategy that speaks to those specific segments of your audience.

Whether you realized it or not, diversity is at the center of content marketing.

Diversity Helps Brands Connect With Consumers

Connecting with your audience is the foundation of every successful marketing campaign. It’s no secret that the most successful content marketing campaigns are able to capture or build on brand loyalty – and nothing builds loyalty more than feeling represented by the company with which you do business.

This is where diversity becomes important. Different audience segments or demographics will have different needs and wants. Brands must make sure they are meeting customer expectations both in terms of products and services as well as representation. Audience members who see themselves, their struggles, their values, and their pain points in your messages will know that you see them and welcome them. Feeling welcomed and represented is a very powerful motivator for brand loyalty but audiences also reward brands that showcase multiple types of people or voices, even if they don’t count themselves among the group highlighted in a particular piece of content.

Diversity in Content Marketing | Content Marketing Strategy

This is powerful knowledge that proves that diverse perspectives, messages, and imaging can boost bottom lines.

We already know the opposite is true; brands that come across as misogynistic, racist, or tone-deaf often suffer financial repercussions; it stands to reason that brands that support diversity and inclusion will be rewarded.

What Does Diversity Look Like?

Diversity is more than just making sure you use images that represent different groups and demographics and it will look different for every business brand. For some brands, it might mean adding more people of color in your content. For others, it may mean going public with a statement on a social issue, such as we have seen with the Black Lives Matter movement this summer. Brands that have made missteps in the past regarding diversity, may find themselves acknowledging their past and taking responsibility for it.

Diversity in Content Marketing | Content Marketing Strategy

Truly diverse and inclusive content will resonate on a subconscious level with the audience. It will be more than images and appearances; it will be a natural way of doing business that stems from organizational structure and hiring practices to user experiences and ways to do business with you.

Expand Your Definition Of Diversity

We are used to talking about diversity in content marketing, but the discussion usually centers on diversifying the spread of our content across numerous channels rather than making sure the content we produce is both diverse and inclusive. But we need to think about both forms of diversity. We need to provide content in multiple formats and on multiple channels and we need to make sure that content represents all of our target consumers.

How is your brand doing with this? Do you feel your content accurately represents your audiences or do you have some work to do?


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