How Blogging Can INCREASE Traffic To Your Website

How Blogging Can INCREASE Traffic To Your Website

One of the main questions that we are faced with is “How can I drive more traffic to my website?” With endless articles and information on pay-per-clicks (PPC) and optimizing social media outlets, we often overlook one of the most simple (and free) ways to drive organic traffic to your website… maintaining a blog!

Think of your blog as an online journal that can set your business apart from competitors by displaying your knowledge and uniqueness in your industry. Everyone has a website for their business, but not everyone is sharing trends and useful information with their customers.

How Blogging Can INCREASE Traffic To Your Website

Here’s 3 ways that a blog can increase your website traffic:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Keywords are an important part of a business’ website because they allow for content to be found by targeted audiences. When a specific keyword is searched, your website will have a higher chance of being discovered if that keyword is found throughout your website. If you properly maintain your blog by posting regularly and finding relevant keywords, then your website could outrank competitors on various search engines. Picking keywords may seem confusing at first, luckily Liyya Hassanali discusses in this article the importance of keyword selection and how to tailor them to your industry.

2. Differentiate Your Business

Your blog differentiates your business from others by showing potential customers that you are an industry leader. Not only are you displaying your knowledge in your specific field, but are also showing customers the variety of services and products that you offer. This also establishes a sense of trust with your customers… if you show that you are well-rounded in your industry, then they will trust that you will provide quality work. This creates better relationships with your customers, which results in an increase in customer retention. According to, “Improving retention rates by 5 percent can increase profits by 95 percent.”

3. Social Media Content

Social media is an important outlet for driving traffic to your website, but do you ever struggle to find content to share? By regularly updating your blog, you’ll have more content to share and promote. Not only will this keep both your website and social media accounts active, but it also encourages people to visit your website to read your posts and even share your content on their social media.

Need Help Maximizing Your Post Potential

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