Hey Photographers: Content Matters

Alternatively, this post could be titled, “Why photographers can’t just throw photos on their website and expect people to hire them.” An alternative to that would be “Stop being lazy and write.”

Harsh words, I know. But I’ve been there: in my professional life as a photographer and the editor of a very large website for professional photographers, I’ve seen businesses rise and fall based on their ability to actually produce words on the internet, instead of just putting up pretty pictures.

I’m not arguing that you write a treatise on each wedding you photograph, cataloging the chantilly folds of each delicately placed napkin. (Although, come to think of it, you’d probably get some serious SEO juice with strategic keywords.) I’m also not arguing that you talk about how CUTE! and SWEET! each family session was, and how much FUN you had. They’re all cute and sweet. They’re your clients, and it’s your job to make them appear that way, no matter how much the 2-year-old cries.

The kind of writing that I’m talking about is more thoughtful, and therefore harder to produce. This kind of writing takes into consideration your role as a thought leader in your field, as someone who cares about making the industry stronger and more professional by educating clients and other photographers about best practices. This kind of writing means reading other photographers’ blogs and forum posts, and becoming part of an ongoing conversation. This kind of writing offers value to your readers by highlighting your expertise and customer service skills.

But I understand that not every photographer is prepared—or willing—to take on this kind of content project. That’s why you deal with cameras and not word processors, right? Which is where we come in. Powers + Ristorcelli Content Agency wants to equip you, the wordless photographer, with the right language to convey your vision through your blog and marketing copy. Stay tuned: we’re announcing a new eBook, launching soon, that will help you do just that.

Anna Powers

Anna Powers is Co-founder of Orlando Content Marketing. For the past 15 years, Anna’s career has been shaped around content.