Email Marketing Tips & Strategies | Know When to Pivot

Email Marketing Tips & Strategies: Know When to Pivot

Many marketers have begun turning away from email marketing campaigns and shifted their focus towards social media marketing. Although social media marketing campaigns have proven to be effective, a well-thought-out email marketing plan can yield significant results. 

Email Marketing Tips & Strategies | Know When to Pivot

Monitor Your Data

In past posts we’ve discussed the importance of monitoring data to gain insight on your audience’s interaction with your campaigns. Two well-known tools to monitor how your email campaigns are performing are Bloom and MailChimp. 

Bloom offers an integrated system to help you initially create your email lists while providing both templates and analytics. They offer six styles with hundreds of template options to ensure that your emails are fully customized for your clients. The analytics give you the chance to see what percentage of emails are valid, and how many of those consumers are interacting with your content. 

MailChimp is one of the more prominent platforms in regards to email marketing. This website offers similar features to Bloom while integrating with many e-commerce websites to allow a seamless transition from your email into your promoted service or product. 

Translating Your Data

After selecting your preferred platform to start your email campaigns, understanding what the analytics mean can be an entirely different ballgame. Across all industries, the average open rate for email campaigns is 20.81% with a click-through rate of 2.52%. Although these numbers may seem low upon first glance, using our best practices for email campaigns can help you see the results that you’re after. 

Email Marketing Tips & Strategies | Know When to Pivot

Pivoting Your Plan

Through gathering analytics to understand your customer profile, it becomes much more simple to see what content resonates with your audience. Knowing what time/date your consumers are most likely to check their emails can help make your campaigns more effective and meaningful. Instead of using email campaigns to simply sell, allow them to open up a dialogue with your consumers so that they can see the value you’re providing to them.  In one of Liyya Hassanali’s most recent posts, she provides multiple examples on how companies have turned away from traditional sales tactics to focus on providing experiences and value to their customers.

Need help getting your email campaign set up? Or looking for more tips and tricks? Contact us at Orlando Content Marketing for assistance in creating an effective email marketing campaign. 


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