Email Marketing Tips: Customer Profiling

Identify your customers in detail to better communicate with them

If you receive an email designed for architects, but you’re a teacher, what do you do? Most likely, you delete it. Immediately. So if you’re the one sending the email, you want to consider who’s on your email list.

A “user persona” template like these simple ones will help you sort out the details about each client so you have them clearly in mind before you start writing marketing emails.

When you know about the customers on your email list, you can help solve their problems through specific product and service offerings. You can even segment your email list (which simply means to subdivide it into different categories) to send different messages to different kinds of customers.

How would you profile this group of customers?

How would you profile this group of customers?

So let’s say you’re a personal trainer. Your email list includes athletes, people who want to lose weight, older clients who need strength training, and people with injuries who want to get better. Each has different motivations for hiring you. Speak to each of their specific needs by creating separate customer profiles for each group.

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Sarah Kinbar

Sarah Ristorcelli is Co-founder of Orlando Content Marketing. She is a writer and editor with 20 years of experience in publishing and communications.