Email Marketing Tips: Automation

Why do automated emails work? Consistent communication cuts through the noise.

There are dozens of marketing studies to prove that it takes six to eight “touches” to turn a prospect into a true lead. People are so overwhelmed by the marketing efforts they’re exposed to that they need to see your name and learn about your products and services quite a few times before it sinks in.


That’s where email automation comes in. There are several email services ranging from very affordable to intimidatingly pricey that will deliver your emails to the potential customers on your list on an automated basis. You can schedule the frequency so your recipients don’t become overwhelmed with communications.

Your email content targets your audience’s specific needs and contains solid information and images that tell your story. Now what?

Add that content to an automated email provider and your audience will receive multiple touches to move you (and them) toward the goal.

We recommend Mailchimp, because it’s easy to use and offers beautiful template options that are simple to customize. Click HERE to create a free Mailchimp account and explore all it has to offer.


If you need support, we’re designated Mailchimp Experts, and provide authoritative service for Mailchimp users.

Sarah Kinbar

Sarah Ristorcelli is Co-founder of Orlando Content Marketing. She is a writer and editor with 20 years of experience in publishing and communications.