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Shared Features of the Most Effective Content Marketing Campaigns

When you are new to content marketing there’s a natural desire to want to get it right from the start. You want to create content, put it out there and, BAM! …see results. Unfortunately, that doesn’t often happen. Why you ask? Well, it’s because too many businesses are stuck in the rut of advertising. They put out an ad in a new format and call it content marketing. Nuh-uh. It doesn’t work that way, as they soon find out.

Content marketing is about putting the focus on your customers’ needs, not your sales goals. The end goal isn’t necessarily a sale (although that would be nice!), it’s to create a connection with a reader/viewer/listener that will keep you fresh in their mind. That way, when they do find themselves in need of your products or services down the road, they’ll know who to go to!

So, what makes effective content? It could be many different things: a written piece, a video, a podcast, an infographic, but there are a few things all great content marketing have in common. That’s what I want to discuss here in this post, 10 content marketing tips that can help you stay on track and connect with your audience!

10 Features of Great Content Marketing

  1. It answers customer questions. Whenever anyone does a search online, they have a question about something. They’re looking for answers. Content that provides those answers gets rewarded with shares, likes, comments, and, eventually, sales.
  2. It adds value to the reader. Not all readers are ready to buy. Respect that by welcoming them in any capacity they are ready to offer you. Provide your visitors with useful information without expecting anything in return.
  3. It builds credibility. Remember, your goal is to become a trusted resource. You don’t want to use content to bash your competitors, but you do want to differentiate yourself from them. What makes you different or better for the consumer?
  4. It’s not salesy. Content marketing does not push the hard sell. It’s informative, educational, interesting. There’s no need to include a strong sales pitch, but a subtle call to action or link to an email sign-up to receive future posts is acceptable.
  5. It’s unique. Unique content stands out. We tend to remember things that are unusual, make us laugh, or make us think. Pose questions to your audience. Use humor. Go big and bold with graphics. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.
  6. It’s relevant. You won’t get any hits if your content is out of date or irrelevant to your business. Who’s going to be looking for it, much less read it? If you sell golf clubs, don’t publish content about swimming pools.
  7. It’s scannable. Don’t discount checklists and bullet points. Readers like to skim things so put your most important information in an easy-to-read format (kind of like this blog post your skimming now–you are totally busted!). This allows readers to find what they came for quickly and easily. You’re not wasting their time.
  8. It’s in the right format. Content should resonate with your audience. Younger consumers are more likely to appreciate videos than older consumers just as older consumers tend to prefer to read content. Match your content to your audience.
  9. It’s well-written. Your professional reputation will take a hit if you put out content that is clumsy, full of errors, or awkwardly worded. Take the time to proofread and edit content before it’s published. If you’re not good at writing, hire someone who is.
  10. It’s concise. Today’s consumers want content that is quickly digested. That’s one reason infographics have surged in popularity. Say what you need to say and leave it at that. Too much information can turn readers off just as much as too little information.

Know Your Audience

Keep in mind that different things speak to different people. Not all of these ideas will resonate with your audience and that’s okay. Pick and choose the ideas that you think will be a hit with your core audience and leave the rest. Start by planning your content strategy and really figuring out your audience by using a planning worksheet like THIS ONE. That should help you figure out how your audience prefers to receive their information. From there, you can start to expand your campaign.

Like what you learned here? At Orlando Content Marketing, our goal isn’t just to get you to hire us to handle your content needs. We want to teach you everything we know so that someday, you don’t need us! We’re in the business of populating Florida with content experts! Give us a call at 407-461-4368.

Liyya Hassanali

Liyya Hassanali is a seasoned Orlando-based content creator with expertise in SEO and marketing. She writes regularly for Orlando Content Marketing clients and her own clients.