Does My Business Need A Social Media Revamp

Does My Business Need A Social Media Revamp?

Back in January, we had the opportunity to share our “Free Social Media Supercharge” but one question that I was asked was “what warrants the need for a change in my marketing strategies?” Although there are many metrics that can be used to measure whether or not your marketing strategies are successful, one of the most important things to keep in mind is if these changes align with your goals. 

Does My Business Need A Social Media Revamp

What is the purpose of my social media?

Every marketing campaign should have a purpose behind it whether that be an increase in sales or sharing a message. In our third installment of “Your Free Social Media Supercharge” I had the opportunity to talk with Maury Bright from The Empowered X Brand. One of the key things that he shared was “each photo needs to have a purpose, and knowing the purpose behind yours can help you tell your story more effectively.” Your social media is no different, understanding your ultimate goal makes it simpler to stay on track and grow your audience.

How does social media help meet our business goals? 

Once you have decided on the goals for your social media, it becomes easier to audit each channel to decide if it’s working for you or not. Having a social media presence is important, but often you don’t need to have a presence on each platform. Understanding how each channel works for you and the demographics behind them will help show you which ones will generate the largest return on your investment. 

Does My Business Need A Social Media Revamp

Utilizing the tools implemented through social media platforms can help your business strategically target audiences. These tools give you the data needed to make smart decisions. Making changes without understanding your audience profiles first, can end up being costly while reversing some of the work that you had put into previous marketing efforts. 

Am I reaching a large enough audience?

Reaching a large audience is a normal goal for any company, but one thing to keep in mind is that it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality of the audience. I’m sure you’ve seen accounts on various social media platforms that have tens of thousands of followers but have minimal engagement on each of their posts. 

Does My Business Need A Social Media Revamp

There are different definitions of what “a lot” of followers are, but using metrics can help identify what areas need the most growth. Eddie Shleyner recently wrote a post for Hootsuite describing 19 social media metrics and how to track them. These metrics will help your company identify areas that need a little “TLC” and how to enhance your customer’s journey. 

Undergoing a social media revamp can be stressful and feel time-consuming. It’s crucial to understand whether or not your company could benefit from a revamp before beginning this new journey. If you’re unsure of where to begin or need help auditing your social media channels, feel free to contact us


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