COVID-19 Pandemic Offers New Opportunities For Video Marketing

COVID-19 Pandemic Offers New Opportunities For Video Marketing

Video marketing was already on the rise, but the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the marketing technique even higher. Furloughed or laid-off workers, a brand-new work from home crowd, students who would normally be in school, social butterflies who are now stuck at home…there is a whole new market for video content that didn’t exist at the start of the year. In addition to an increase in users, many of those users are accessing video content in ways they never did in the past.

What used to be primarily an entertainment medium has expanded to now include general information and communication, helpful advice, tips, and how-to’s, education and learning, and yes, an escape from reality.

This surge in video consumption offers an incredible opportunity for businesses regardless of their past video experience. Consumer habits have changed and video is being consumed differently as a result. In this post, we will take a look at how small, medium, and large businesses can all capitalize on these changes to reach new audiences and connect with current customers.

COVID-19 Pandemic Offers New Opportunities For Video Marketing

Small Business Video Marketing Tips

Small businesses and organizations that couldn’t imagine having a video production budget or the time or expertise to produce video content should use this time to get in the game. Thanks to Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram, and smartphones, producing short videos is easier than ever and doesn’t require any special expertise or equipment.

Take advantage of this unprecedented time to connect with customers. Small businesses are in the toughest spot right now and customers know it. Shopping local has a new sense of urgency and people want to help local businesses as much as possible. Get on your social media channels and post content daily – videos, messages, graphics, and photos. Engage with customers. Tell them how you are doing, how they can help, and what their support means to you or how it has helped your business weather the changes and challenges of these times.

COVID-19 Pandemic Offers New Opportunities For Video Marketing

Mid-Sized Business Video Marketing Tips

Mid-sized businesses are in a unique position. How they are faring depends on the industry, the size of the business, the number of employees, and where and how work gets done. They can sometimes get lost in the shuffle; not small enough to generate the same sort of emotional response from the public that small businesses see but not big enough to dominate the headlines.

Just as mid-sized businesses are experiencing varied responses to the pandemic, they have varied experiences with video marketing – from none at all to just the basics, to a robust program. One thing they all have in common though is an opportunity to expand video content to go beyond the sale. Focus on forging connections with consumers. What pain points or needs exist and how can your business help address them? What are your customers’ most pressing FAQs? Use this time to create video answers. Expand your reach into new platforms. Work to keep your business in the public eye. Provide behind-the-scenes looks at your business and develop content that reminds consumers that you’re still around and here for them.

COVID-19 Pandemic Offers New Opportunities For Video Marketing

Big Business Video Marketing Tips

Most big businesses are pros at video and television content. The challenge for big companies will be to humanize the organization. What are you doing for the community? How are you supporting your employees? What kind of leadership are you demonstrating?

Think small when developing videos during this time. Dial back the flashy, high-priced video ads and ditch the studio. Highlight good deeds, spotlight internal teams and employees, create relatable content. Embrace the work-from-home reality and shoot videos where your people are working – are they in stores, office buildings, at home?

The idea here is to empathize with consumers, showcase the human aspect of your business, and promote your brand as caring and competent during troubled times. Make customers feel good about supporting your business. Produce videos that answer customer questions or address needs to better connect with customers.

Use Video To Maintain Connections

No matter what business you are in, video messages can help you connect with existing customers and introduce you to new ones. Use this time of change and uncertainty to try out new ways of connecting with customers and building your brand.


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