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Content Marketing, Check! Content Operations, Huh?

Okay, so you get content marketing. You know it’s an incredibly useful modern day approach to marketing that focuses on providing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to relevant audiences to encourage those audiences to do business with you over time and when they are ready.

But what about content operations? Have you heard the buzz surrounding this concept yet? It’s not as well-known as content marketing, but the two are definitely related. In fact, content operations is a natural extension of content marketing.

Organizing The Content Marketing Process

In a nutshell, content operations refers to the processes, systems, people, and technology that are in place to manage an organization’s content marketing needs. Where content marketing is all about creating content and putting it out there, content operations make the content marketing possible.

Content Marketing Strategy | Content Operations | Content Planning

This is the behind-the-scenes stuff. It’s the day-to-day business management needs of the content marketing team but it also bridges departments and channels to create a unified customer experience across the entire organization.

Content operations provide insight, context, and support for content marketing efforts. It gets to the why’s, who’s, and how’s of content marketing. “Why are we creating content?” “Who is the audience?” “How does this drive the business forward?” It takes into account other departments, broader business goals and needs as well as the different stages of the buyer’s journey to develop a comprehensive content marketing process within the organization.

Content Marketing Strategy | Content Operations | Content Planning

Essentially, content marketing has become so big and so critical to the marketing function that it can no longer be an afterthought. It’s an essential part of the marketing plan and, as such, requires a strategic approach with a dedicated staff that can plan and organize content, identify relevant channels, analyze results, and develop a strategy that covers every stage of the buying process. Content operations extend beyond the marketing department to encourage cross-department collaboration and improve visibility throughout the organization in order to get stakeholder buy-in and develop a consistent message.

A Broader Approach With A Bigger Team

Content operations move organizations away from siloed functions and departments to support the strategic messaging of the organization as a whole and drive the business forward. It’s a way for various departments to come together to collaborate and share goals, needs, and results with one another to manage the organization’s content marketing efforts. This provides valuable information and feedback to content marketers because they learn which pieces of content are most valuable to their colleagues and which ones resonate most with end consumers. Outside departments gain insight into how content is created and how it fits into the bigger picture and overarching goals of the organization.

Content Marketing Strategy | Content Operations | Content Planning

In this way, a content operations model helps organizations maximize their internal expertise and build a cross-functional team to hone the organization’s messaging and streamline the content marketing process. Departments and teams understand one another better and content marketing efforts are corralled, evaluated, and kept in check. It’s way too easy for content marketing to become disjointed, particularly if you’ve got several different departments handling different channels.

A content operations approach allows you to take a step back and spend more time planning and evaluating content marketing for maximum effectiveness than reacting to the latest content marketing craze. You’ll control costs, have more effective messaging, and greater collaboration and visibility across the organization.

What do you think about content operations? Have you heard of this concept before? Is it something that could benefit your organization? Contact Orlando Content Marketing to learn more about content operations and how the concept can be applied to your business!


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