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Content Distribution: When Hitting The Publish Button Isn’t Enough

There’s no question that today’s best marketing practices stress the need for producing great content and explain why it’s important to do so. What’s more difficult to find are tips on distributing that content. What we tend to see is advice like, “Post regularly to your blog”.

Um, okay?

Granted, it’s a start, but relying solely on your blog for content distribution is extremely limiting. This type of content distribution relies on chance and not much else. So what do you do? How do you expand your reach and connect with a wider audience? Do you have to invest a fortune in paid ads?

Nope! You can use the tools you already have at your disposal!

Content Marketing Strategy | Content Distribution

6 Ways To Stretch Your Content Reach

There’s a reason why blogs form the foundation of any content marketing strategy. They are a terrific way to share information, control the information that is out there, provide value to customers and contacts, facilitate Q and A, foster connections and build relationships which is what content marketing is all about. But how can you realize those benefits if no one is seeing the blog?

When publishing a blog post isn’t enough to connect with your target audience, turn to these other tools that are already in your marketing arsenal:

Content Marketing Strategy | Content Distribution

  1. Your Employees. Do you share your content with your staff? If not, you should, particularly with your sales staff who can use it to build connections with prospects and existing customers (See #3 below!). Even if a staffer has no contact with customers, he or she benefits from understanding what kind of content your company is putting out there. They can use that content to share information about your business when asked or to promote it to their personal and professional connections.
  2. Email Subscribers. You should definitely be using your email subscriber list to distribute content. If your email campaigns tend to focus on making a sale or closing a deal, step in a new direction and start sharing content! It will be a refreshing change for them, so go ahead and share that blog post, insightful case study, or recent news!
  3. Follow-Up Conversations and Contacts. Content is the perfect excuse to follow-up with prospects, new and existing customers or even long-time customers you haven’t heard from in a while. Sharing a new piece of content removes that awkward, “Why are you contacting me?” question and reduces pressure on employees by giving them another reason to make contact beyond closing a deal. Remember, content is all about cultivating relationships for the long-term. Start providing content of value to your customers and prospects with new content!
  4. Professional Groups. If you belong to a membership group or association, share your content with them. You’ll gain peer recognition and build authority as a thought leader in your network. Think membership publications or social media sites, local Chamber of Commerce groups, industry groups and publications, even community groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. Share content anywhere that you have or can build a network, particularly if it is a place where people can ask questions and get answers.
  5. Social Sites. It should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, share your blogs posts, videos, infographics, etc. on your business’ social media sites and encourage staff members to share the content on any social sites they use for professional purposes, like LinkedIn. This type of social sharing shouldn’t be limited to the author of the piece. All staff can and should share and support one another, even if it is just leaving a comment on the post or sharing it to their own page.
  6. Customer Support and FAQ Pages. Customer support and FAQ pages are a great place to add links to relevant blog posts. People are already coming to those pages with questions – and you’re already providing some answers. While you have this captive audience, subtly direct them to more in-depth answers or related information by incorporating links to your blog.

What’s Your Content Reach?

Content Marketing Strategy | Content Distribution

Even if you enact all of these ideas, it will still take time to build a following and see results, but the results compound over time. As you share content in more places, more people will see it and your business will get more attention. Ideally, your content will be shared with an even wider audience, sort of like a virtual word-of-mouth referral. And we all know word-of-mouth referrals are the most valuable type of referrals! All of this sharing and connecting will eventually translate into increased sales and loyal customers.

The hardest part of any new endeavor is getting started. If you need help jumpstarting your content marketing program, contact Orlando Content Marketing for assistance!


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