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Content Clusters: What Are They And Why Are They Vital To Your Marketing Strategy?

We’ve written about content silos before, which are a way of organizing your content. Taking that a step further is the concept of content clusters. Content clusters are bundles, or clusters, of content that are relevant to a specific topic. They incorporate SEO, keywords, and internal linking strategies to include search results that deliver highly relevant, authoritative content, with internal links to even more content.

Content Marketing Strategy | Content Clusters | SEO

Content Silos Vs. Content Clusters

Like content silos, content clusters center on one topic or theme. In a silo, you may repurpose the same content into different format. A blog is turned into a video, for example. A content cluster is a little bit different. The blog may link to a related video that explores an idea or topic in a more in-depth or different manner. It’s not the same content, but it does support the same topic, offering new insights or additional information.

Content clusters are kind of like ladders or mazes, where one starting point can take you in multiple different directions, thanks to judicious use of internal linking. Rather than force your audience to refine their search or go back and undertake a new search or explore your website on their own, internal links lead them right to relevant content. This helps to build your authority on a subject, which consumers and algorithms love.

Content Marketing Strategy | Content Clusters | SEO

You can use content silos and content clusters together. You’ll use content silos in the development of your content marketing plan. Silos are used to determine what kind of content is needed and in which format it should be supplied. Then, you’ll organize the silo content into clusters on your website so that consumers are led through information that is relevant to their buyer’s journey.

The two concepts work very much hand-in-hand.

How Content Clusters Impact The Marketing Strategy

The value of content clusters comes in their ability to guide buyers through the research and buying process. Consumers will first find you through SEO and keyword searches. Once that’s done, you want to keep them focused on your site and your brand. You do that with content clusters. A well-developed cluster will embed hyperlinks into content. Those links will guide users to more and more information, pulling them deeper and deeper into your brand. The idea is that by time they’ve navigated through a cluster, they’ll be very comfortable with your brand and will trust you. In other words, they’ll see you as an authority which both boosts your relevance to search engines and algorithms and supports increased sales or conversions.

What does a content cluster look like? It can be as simple as a category page on your website. Create a category page and then add subpages under that page that all support the main topic. Your subpages should be created using keyword research and developed to speak to your audience profiles.

It’s a very strategic way to think about content creation and structure and it pays off. Algorithms are logical. They look for links – both internal and external – to help identify pieces of content that are related. If you have several links supporting the same pages and containing the searched for keywords, the algorithm flags that as highly relevant and authoritative and returns the page in the search results. Content clusters focus on internal linking, but external links are important as well, so don’t forget to add those to your content.

Content Marketing Strategy | Content Clusters | SEO

The more content you have and the deeper the content goes, the better. You’re trying to build a reputation as an authority so make sure your content is of high-quality and is valuable to your audience. Connect it to your brand; connect it to your audience’s needs, interests, and/or pain points and provide as much detailed and in-depth information as possible and you’re sure to see a boost in your website rankings and search results.

What do you think about the idea of content clusters? Is this something that could help boost your marketing efforts? Orlando Content Marketing is here to help! Contact us to learn how and why to use content clusters as part of your overall marketing strategy!


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