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Our Marketing Team, Working For You

When Anna and I started our business in 2014, it was just us. Two gals with writing expertise and a passion for helping businesses grow. We didn’t have a marketing team yet, but we had a philosophy. We invested in building relationships with solid professionals who offer complementary services, and we made a commitment to […]

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How Often Should I Post To My Blog?

As marketers, we think a lot (OK, obsess or ruminate are probably more accurate verbs) about marketing processes. When we’re redesigning a website for a client, we usually implement a blog–and that leads to a lot of deliberation about the frequency of blog posts.How do we attract strong business leads through our blog, podcast, and […]

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We’ve Updated Our Website: Should You?

When you publish a printed piece–a brochure, a book, even a business card–it’s a completed work. Commit that ink to paper and your opportunities to edit and revise those documents come to a finite end. The beauty of publishing digitally is that there’s always an opportunity to revisit your design and content to make adjustments. […]

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