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Our Marketing Team, Working For You

When Anna and I started our business in 2014, it was just us. Two gals with writing expertise and a passion for helping businesses grow. We didn’t have a marketing team yet, but we had a philosophy. We invested in building relationships with solid professionals who offer complementary services, and we made a commitment to […]

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Branded Content That Feels Editorial

What is Sift magazine? We know it’s a magazine for passionate bakers, but it’s also a branded publication created by a flour company. Some might wonder if it’s editorial or advertising. If it’s good, does it matter?King Arthur Flour, a 225-year-old company based in Vermont, created this beautiful quarterly print product to “find a way to […]

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The (Garden) Hats We Wear

A picture from the Smith garden, designed by Grace Design Associates, photographed by Holly Lepere. Anna and I wear a lot of hats, and one of mine is a wide-brimmed straw hat that’s perfect for gardening. These days I don’t dig in the dirt as much as I’d like to (although yesterday a nasty brood […]

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