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Email Marketing Tips: Customer Profiling

Identify your customers in detail to better communicate with them If you receive an email designed for architects, but you’re a teacher, what do you do? Most likely, you delete it. Immediately. So if you’re the one sending the email, you want to consider who’s on your email list. A “user persona” template like these […]

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Email Marketing Tips: The Perfect Picture

How photography improves your email marketing campaigns The current wisdom is that “people don’t read anymore.” As it turns out, that’s not true. People DOread, which is why they prefer email marketing over all other forms. But it’s also true that people are highly visual. We’re oriented to images because we’re exposed to images all […]

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Email Marketing Tips: Automation

Why do automated emails work? Consistent communication cuts through the noise. There are dozens of marketing studies to prove that it takes six to eight “touches” to turn a prospect into a true lead. People are so overwhelmed by the marketing efforts they’re exposed to that they need to see your name and learn about […]

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