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Omnichannel 101 – Data, Personalization, and Sales

Your customer’s life is intertwined with the internet. Post Malone is lying in his new song when he says “I don’t go on the internet no more…” We clearly know he’s up in his DMs all day long. Everybody is. Customers are trained on those connections and don’t seem to mind giving over their data. […]

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Personalization in the Sitecore Universe: How Data Changes Everything

Are you ready for Sitecore Symposium? If you have attended this conference before, you know it is rife with information about advances in Sitecore omnichannel tools and brimming over with people who are deeply invested in omnichannel development. If you won’t make it this year, rest assured a fountain of content will follow the symposium […]

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Gain Customer Insight to Tailor Your Posts

How are you tailoring your posts towards customers? Oftentimes you’ll hear marketing strategists discussing the importance of developing an audience profile, but what tools are available to gain insight into the wants and needs of your customers? Luckily, we’re in the age of data and analytics which makes it relatively simple to gain a glimpse […]

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