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How Can Content Marketing Grow My Business?

If you’re in the marketing field you’ve no doubt heard about content marketing. It’s a crucial piece of any marketing plan, playing an important role in building trust in your business, complementing your SEO efforts, and growing your Orlando area business.

Content Marketing Is Different From Advertising

According to The Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is:

“…a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

This is slightly different from traditional marketing or advertising efforts, which aim to make a sale. Content marketing does not take the place of advertising or reaching out to new and existing customers. Instead, it supplements those efforts in a no-pressure manner. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to provide information, expand your reach and get your name, brand, products, and/or services out in front of a wider audience. It’s a long-term effort to establish you as an authority or resource in your industry and ultimately gain new customers because of it.

The idea behind content marketing is that by helping consumers solve their issues, they will remember you when the time comes for them to make a purchase related to your business, industry, products, or services. Looking at it from this perspective, marketers become more like educators and less like salespeople.

What Qualifies As Content?

This all begs the question, “If content marketing isn’t about advertising, then what kind of content should I be creating?” Content can be many things: videos, infographics, podcasts, blog posts, even photos, but the biggest identifying feature of content is that it is engaging and share-worthy. It may answer a question or simply provide information more than convince you to buy a new product. It’s very much about building relationships with potential and existing customers.

For that reason, you’ll find a lot of content marketing efforts focused on social media. Social sites make it very easy to share content with other people and the fact that they offer a limited platform (think 140 Twitter characters or Instagram images), makes it less intimidating for Orlando companies that are new to content marketing to get started.

Social media isn’t the only place to direct your content marketing efforts, though. You can also use content marketing in the following ways:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines pay attention to the type and quality of content that you publish. They will reward you for reward you for consistently publishing high quality content by ranking your website higher on their search results pages.
  • Public Relations. All of the most successful PR strategies address issues that readers care about, not necessarily the business itself. Think: Don’t just tell them that you’re great, show them why you’re Orlando business is great!
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC). To get that click, you have to earn it. What do your customers want to know? What will make them click on your ad?
  • Inbound Marketing. Drive people to your site by publishing content that they want to learn more about so that their research takes them to you, not just now, but time and time again.

So, what kind of content should you create? It helps to consider where your content will be posted. This is no different from the age-old marketing technique of considering your audience. Where and how do you connect with your customers? Is it through email campaigns? Social media? Blog comments? Focus your efforts where you already connect with customers and build on what you already have. If you’re starting from scratch, we can help you determine the most effective channels.

Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

How does content marketing grow your business? By putting information about your business out in front of an audience to which you may never have otherwise had access. Anytime a piece of content is shared with someone, your business has been placed in front of a potential new customer and has the opportunity to grow.

Not only that, shared content is similar to a referral or word-of-mouth advertising. If you get an email from a friend that says, “Hey! Look at this blog post! It’s exactly what we were talking about last week!” you are far more likely to actually read the post than if you were to receive an unsolicited marketing email from the company itself.

It is in this personal connection that content marketing truly differentiates itself from other forms of marketing. Finally, consumers get a say in what gets recognition and what doesn’t. Figure out how to get those consumers talking about your brand and watch your business grow!

Liyya Hassanali

Liyya Hassanali is a seasoned Orlando-based content creator with expertise in SEO and marketing. She writes regularly for Orlando Content Marketing clients and her own clients.