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Bust Through The Dog Days Of Summer With These Top Content Marketing Examples

It’s August. That means the dog days of summer are in full force. If the heat and summer schedules have fried your brain, we’ve got the perfect pick-me-up: ten examples of content marketing at its’ finest!

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of “produce, produce, produce” in the world of content marketing. Before you know it, you’re churning out content like a machine but aren’t sure how inspired or unique it is. If you feel like you’re in a content rut or need some inspiration of what great content marketing looks like, look no further! Below are five examples of terrific content marketing; check out Part II of our post for the second five.

5 Inspired Pieces of Content Marketing

What makes a great piece of content? It’s relevant. It’s useful. It’s shareable. It’s noteworthy. The five examples below fit all of these criteria and more.

1. Charmin’s Sit or Squat: Restrooms Near Me App. Show of hands, who has found themselves in desperate need of a restroom, but no idea where to find one? Everyone? I thought so. Charmin has an app for that. The Sit or Squat app not only provides a map of nearby restrooms, but it also allows users to rate the restrooms in terms of cleanliness. Clean locations have a green rating (Sit); less desirable locations have a red rating (Squat). This is a handy app for those who are always on-the-go, parents, and travelers.

Why it made the list: this app is genuinely useful, providing great value to users, while also being creative and lighthearted.

2. IKEA Try Before You Buy App. Retailers are making big use out of augmented reality, allowing consumers to explore products in a virtual environment before they buy. IKEA jumped on this trend with the Try Before You Buy app to give consumers a way to see how a product will look in their space once it’s been assembled; this is hugely helpful for IKEA consumers who are undecided about items because they can’t envision how it will look once it’s put together.

Why it made the list: this app nails it as far as hitting the target market, provides value to the customer, uses the latest technology, and supports the company’s core business. 

3. Facebook Blueprint. Yes, even Facebook plays around with content marketing. As the platform has evolved from personal use to professional use, demand for marketers who know how to advertise on Facebook has soared. Blueprint allows users to create customized digital marketing lesson plans to boost their skills. It can be used by professional marketers or small business owners and even includes certifications to includes on resumes.

Why it made the list: This app supports B2B and B2C marketing, helping businesses build their brand while also helping individuals gain desired marketing skills. The fact that the courses can be customized to meet a user’s exact needs makes it even more useful.

4. Make-a-Wish Foundation – Batkid Begins Documentary. Even non-profit organizations (NPOs) need to reach an audience. Whether it’s to recruit volunteers, raise awareness, or solicit donations, NPOs must find creative ways to connect with audiences and convert them. The Make-a-Wish Foundation succeeded wildly with their Batkid Begins Documentary, which follows one child’s quest to become Batman and how Make-a Wish Foundation made that happen.

Why it made the list: The Foundation made multi-channel use of social media, the current trend towards video content, and organizational resources to create clever content that supported organizational goals by drawing in both volunteers and donations. Plus, who doesn’t love little kids dressing up as Batman?

5. Bank of America – Better Money Habits. Where do you go to learn more about money management? Bank of America tackles this touchy subject with its Better Money Habits website. Users can browse content in 10 financial areas or answer a few questions to get customized results. Videos feature real-life examples provided by real people in real jobs.

Why it made the list: This site tackles a tough subject in a no-nonsense, non-emotional, private way. It provides valuable information to consumers at all stages of life, helping to build brand loyalty and secure new customers.

See More Examples Of Great Content Marketing With Part II In This Series

Are you inspired yet? Have any of these ideas prompted a fresh approach to your own content marketing challenges? I hope so! There’s more to come in Part II of this series, to discover five more noteworthy examples of content marketing!


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