As Florida Begins Reopening, Customers Are Adjusting To The New Normal

As Florida Begins Reopening, Customers Are Adjusting To The New Normal

As Florida begins reopening, customers are adjusting to the new normal. With mass amounts of uncertainty regarding this pandemic, many companies are unsure of which direction to take in their marketing. The reopening of physical locations can present challenges to employees while everyone is in the process of adjusting to these changes. Protecting and informing your customers is vital in providing substantial business, customers will remember which companies made efforts to protect their well-being and which ones did the bare minimum. 

Take An Informative Approach

Liyya Hassanali recently wrote a post discussing how brands’ focus has shifted to information-sharing rather than selling. When the COVID pandemic began spreading rapidly throughout the world, companies started to share their plan of action with consumers so people knew what lengths companies were going to protect their employees and customers. 

As Florida Begins Reopening, Customers Are Adjusting To The New Normal

If a company is consistently using a selling approach, then it could leave a bad taste. Recently I received an email from a veterinary clinic down the street. What stood out to me about this email was the amount of information this clinic shares with its customers. Although they addressed the steps their company is taking to ensure that you and your furry friends are safe, the majority of their email discussed everything they’ve learned about animals and their risks during the coronavirus. The email was so information-filled that I shared it with multiple friends upon reading it. 

Go The Extra Distance

It’s better to be known as being extra cautious rather than resuming things back to normal immediately. With many restaurants offering dine-in options and gyms reopening, it’s important to “go the extra mile” in protecting your customers. Resuming operations as normal could result in the virus spreading among your workplace, causing bad PR across your consumer base and turning off customers to your brand. 

One gym that I recently saw an advertisement for was Crunch Fitness. In their video, they explained what the check-in process will look like, including mandatory temperature checks, and how gym-goers should distance themselves while working out.

As Florida Begins Reopening, Customers Are Adjusting To The New Normal

Restaurants such as Hawkers have shared safety guidelines that they will follow to keep their patrons safe when choosing to dine-in. These guidelines include take-out only periods so that the restaurant staff can sanitize the restaurants mid-day, plexiglass dividers to ensure social distancing, and COVID-19 training for their staff.

As Florida Begins Reopening, Customers Are Adjusting To The New Normal

Taking The Right Steps

Understanding your customer base is vital in growing your business, this is even more valuable during these uncertain times. Although every business is trying to figure out which ways are best in navigating this pandemic, some key starting points include: 

  • Communicate with your employees and consumers. 
  • Take extra caution in protecting your employees and consumers rather than simply the bare minimum.  
  • Understand what works best for protecting your employees – for example for the restaurant industry, is it completely reopening or continuing curbside delivery? 
  • Continually provide information and updates – customers are curious about how this pandemic is affecting your business, how you’re overcoming these challenges, and what that means for them.
  • Listen to what your consumers are saying – How would they prefer to purchase from you? What measures are they taking to stay safe?

Continuing to receive feedback from both employees and customers can help your business make the necessary adjustments in providing a safe environment for everyone who enters. Everyone is navigating these uncertain times together, and if you need any help in adjusting your marketing plans feel free to contact us


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