Sarah Kinbar

Lead Content Strategist

When I first discovered digital marketing, I had been in print publishing for more than a decade, working as a magazine editor and freelance writer. The web transformed my thinking about how to reach people and connect with them, and I have been in love with digital marketing ever since. Orlando Content Marketing is dedicated to incorporating the best digital tools and most engaging content to grow your business.

Anna Powers

Anna Powers Tracy


As a senior marketing professional, I have led successful digital content ventures specializing in photography, creativity, and lifestyle. I am currently on the Board of Directors at Orlando Content Marketing and provide high-level vision to guide the company's growth.

Liyya Hassanali

Project Manager

Throughout my career, I have been a content creator and project manager focusing on web development and marketing. Over the past decade, I have gained deep expertise in SEO and how it can directly contribute to results. I work with OCM’s clients to ensure that quality content is added to their websites regularly and that all projects stay on schedule.

Tymothy Johnson

Social Media Manager

Your social media presence is crucial to the success of your company. My role is to ensure that your content strategy plays out on social media through well-written, well-designed, and well-timed posts, plus follow-up engagement with your customers.