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5 Ways To Promote Content Beyond The Blog

No doubt content creation keeps you busy day in and day out. Content marketing is a tried-and-true marketing strategy that has cemented its status as a must-do activity for increasing brand awareness and building customer relationships. Does that mean you need to constantly grind out new content? No.

Effective content marketing is about much more than simply publishing content. It reminds of the scene in the movie Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner’s character is told, “If you build it, he will come.” (The line is often misquoted to replace “he” with “they”) In the movie, Costner’s character is compelled to transform his corn field into a baseball field and, lo and behold, the ghosts of baseball’s greats start showing up…just by building the field! Does it work that way in real-life? NO!

Content strategy

Simply “building” or publishing content won’t draw the kind of attention you want from it. To achieve that you’ll also have to promote it. This is where a content strategy really becomes invaluable. A solid strategy will include a content plan – what topics you’ll create content around – and also a plan for promoting that content – where will it be published or shared?

This is where many organizations struggle. After publishing the content on their website, usually their blog, they stop, hope it gets noticed, and move on to creating the next piece. This is ineffective and a huge missed opportunity. Instead of moving on from what you have, work that content for all it’s worth! That means publishing, promoting, and sharing it in places that extend far beyond your own website.

Below is a list of 5 ways to promote your content – beyond the blog – and get it noticed.

5 Ways To Promote Content That Aren’t Your Blog

Content promotion is so important because it helps you reach new audiences, extend your reach and brand, and work less. It’s also definitely an argument for quality over quantity. It is far more effective to focus on creating a few pieces of top-quality content each month and then promoting it than it is to churn out ho-hum piece after piece and hope it gets some attention. Save yourself the stress of constant content generation by adopting a content promotion strategy that uses some of the ideas listed below.

  1. Social Media. Social media is the easiest way to share content to audiences far and wide. In fact, most viral content gets its start on social media. Be sure to share your content on your own social media pages as well as on other’s pages and with any groups that you are in. Take advantage of scheduling tools so you never miss a post and consider a rewards program to incentivize visitors to share your content. Use hashtags, pull quotes from the content, and tag relevant people and businesses to raise the profile of the content.

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  1. Email Broadcasts. Use your email newsletters, drip campaigns, or email receipts to promote content. Share links to new content within the emails themselves or even in your signature. Email promotion is both highly personal and respectful. It’s not in your face marketing. Instead, you’re simply putting links to the content out there and readers and choose which pieces they want to access – either now or in the future. It gives the audience more control over what they view than other methods and some people really appreciate that.
  2. Rewards and Referral Programs. Give people a reason to share content and they are more likely to do so. This is why companies offer rewards and referral programs. $10 off your next purchase for every person you refer, receive a free e-book for every referral to your next webinar…these are just two examples reward and referral programs that businesses are using every day to gain new customers. You don’t even have to offer anything! Sometimes, all you need to do is ask, “Please share this newsletter with a friend who loves (your business or product) as much as you do!” Rewards and referral programs are a terrific way to get people to share your content. Word-of-mouth advertising is still the most effective.
  3. Influencers, Experts, and Sources. Influencers are everywhere these days. The idea behind influencers is very similar to celebrity endorsements, except in this case, the “celebrity” isn’t a famous person, but is instead an expert in their field or one with enormous social influence (which is why you see influencers most commonly associated with social media platforms). Use influencers, experts, and sources to build authority and respect for your content. As you publish or share the content, mention the experts interviewed or sources used in the materials. Tag them in the post, send them a link to the content, flat our ask them to share it with their own followers.
  4. Change Content Format. One of the biggest missed opportunities in terms of content promotion is format. It’s really common for organizations to create a blog post, then create a video about something different, and an infographic on another different topic! While it’s great to be using all these different platforms, you could make your work a lot easier by simply converting the same piece of content into different formats. Turn the blog into a video, an infographic, a paid ad, a slideshow, a PDF document. Even within your target audience people will have different preferred methods of consuming content. Someone who doesn’t have the patience for videos is never going to click on one, but they might be willing to skim an article or an infographic. Think about how you can adapt your content to different channels for maximum exposure.

content strategy

Get The Most Out Of Your Content With Orlando Content Marketing

These are just five ways to promote your content beyond the blog. You can also explore promoting content in online communities, like LinkedIn or SlideShare, through paid ads and guest posts, or by networking with people who have shared similar pieces in the past. To help determine which avenues would be best for your business, contact Orlando Content Marketing for a consultation.


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