Content Marketing Predictions | 2020 Content Marketing

2020 Vision: Content Marketing Channels That Are Poised For Growth

The start of the year brings with it opportunity and change. It’s a time for all of us to look back on our accomplishments in the prior year and make plans for the coming year. As a content marketer, you’re likely contemplating where to focus your efforts in the 2020’s to maximize exposure and drive results. There are so many content avenues and platforms available to us today that it can be difficult to determine where to spend our resources. Content that was popular in the past could lose its luster in the future and content that wasn’t even on your radar in 2019 may become the next must-do in 2020.

It’s these up-and-coming content channels that I want to focus on in this post. Where will the growth be and what does that mean for marketing teams?

Content Marketing Predictions | 2020 Content Marketing

3 Types of Content That Will Grow in the 2020’s

I don’t have a crystal ball, but based on what we’ve been seeing as far as content growth and consumer patterns, technology will continue to heavily influence how we consume content and the type of content that is most successful. Expect to see increased demand for:

  1. Voice-Activated Content. Voice search will only continue to grow as we become more dependent on our digital assistants and smart speakers. Accessing content on-the-go, multi-tasking at home and work, and the rise of the multi-device wielding Generation Z as consumers will drive change in this arena. Today, most voice-activated content centers on answering questions, “Alexa, what time does the mall open?”, for example. Going forward, expect consumers to ask more questions that need answers, necessitating the need for an oral type of Q&A. There’s also potential to combine voice search with chatbots and voice search with visuals for even more helpful results.
  2. Video and Visuals. Video remains one of the hottest forms of content out there today. It’s an essential part of the buyers’ journey, particularly during the discovery and information-gathering stage. A video may not convince a consumer to make a purchase, but there is nothing quite as effective as a video to show how a product works or differs from a competitors’ product, making them invaluable marketing tools. Similarly, visuals like infographics, images, graphs, GIFs, etc. will continue to be popular with consumers. Anything that conveys information at-a-glance or in an easy-to-digest format is useful because it gives consumers yet another piece of information that can influence their decisions, and the brief format helps ensure the content is accessed, not passed over for being too complex or time-consuming to get through.
  3. Immersive Content. This sounds very sci-fi, but immersive content like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is here and it’s here for the masses. What used to be accessible only to hard-core gamers or tech businesses is available on smartphones. Snapchat lenses and Pokémon Go are just two examples of AR that is being used by millions of people right now. Many businesses benefited from Pokémon Go, in particular, because their location happened to be (or be near) a PokéStop or Gym – drawing customers to their location. Brands like Sephora have already capitalized on the tech, allowing users to try out cosmetic products virtually.

Virtual Reality has made tremendous inroads in the retail sector with companies like North Face, Alibaba, Lowe’s, and Tom’s Shoes providing immersive experiences for in-store customers. VR offers a tremendous opportunity for brands to provide the ultimate product trial experience and it’s still new enough and rare enough that consumers are drawn to brands simply for offering the opportunity to try VR

Content Marketing Predictions | 2020 Content Marketing

Where Does Your Content Future Lie?

There are rapid changes occurring in the realm of content marketing. This is forcing marketing teams to stay on their toes, dig deep into their audience profiles and align their content delivery with audience needs more than ever before.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the changes, are at a loss as to what your audience needs or even who they are, or need some help developing your content, contact us! Orlando Content Marketing is here to help you improve your content, develop an effective content marketing plan and build your brand for the coming decade!


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