2020 Content Marketing Predictions | Content Strategy

2020 Vision: 3 Content Marketing Predictions

It’s 2020! A new decade. If the last decade saw the rise of content marketing, the new decade will solidify content marketing as a top marketing strategy. No longer will it be an afterthought or an add-on, but instead will be viewed as a valuable and viable standalone part of the overall marketing strategy.

2020 Content Marketing Predictions | Content Strategy

However, if the last decade has taught us anything about content marketing, it’s that it is always changing. New technologies, new ways of obtaining information, and new consumer actions and preferences mean that what worked well in 2010 didn’t work quite as well in 2019. Likewise, what worked for your business last year, may not work as well this year. That said, I want to use this post to take a look at 3 ways content marketing will change in the coming years.

3 Content Marketing Predictions

1. Strategy Will Play A Stronger Role

The biggest change to content marketing that I foresee is an increased need to develop a comprehensive and cohesive content marketing strategy going forward. The 2010’s saw new means of communicating, an astronomical rise in both the number of social media platforms and users, and increased use of mobile technology. All of those factors forced businesses to begin experimenting with new platforms and trying out new ways to reach consumers. That led to a scattershot approach in many cases, with businesses trying a little bit of everything to try and reach their audiences. The trouble is, this approach is becoming both unmanageable and unaffordable. Businesses simply don’t have the time or resources necessary to continue to invest in all areas of content marketing. That means, they’ll be paying more attention to content performance to determine which efforts are worth continuing and which are worth abandoning.

Businesses will pay closer attention to which marketing channels are working for them and which are not and adjust their strategies accordingly.

2020 Content Marketing Predictions | Content Strategy

2. The Buyers’ Journey Will Become Even More Important

The buyer’s journey refers to the process through which a consumer makes a purchasing decision. In its simplest form, this includes an Awareness Stage (the buyer becomes aware of a problem or need), a Consideration Stage (the buyer researches solutions), and a Decision Stage (the buyer makes a purchasing decision). In the 2010’s, marketers started using content marketing to raise brand awareness and develop consumer relationships, with the ultimate goal being a purchase. There was less of a focus on selling the brand and more of a focus on connecting with the audience and providing them with what they need at any given stage of the buying process. I expect this process will continue to evolve as brands look for ways to reach their target audiences in an ever more crowded field of content.

In the years ahead, connecting with audiences and aligning content with the buyer’s journey will become even more vital. Marketers will need to create content for each stage of the journey to actively guide consumers towards making a purchasing decision.  

2020 Content Marketing Predictions | Content Strategy

3. Quality Will Continue Its Reign

There was a distinct shift over the last decade from quantity to quality. We went from churning out content to inundate search results and try to grab consumer attention to taking a more thoughtful approach. Part of this was a result of changes to search algorithms, but part of it was recognizing that people actually prefer useful, relevant, quality information to the alternative. Better content yielded better results and happier, more brand loyal, customers. This shift from quantity to quality will continue into the 2020’s and will evolve even more to influence the content channels that brands utilize.

Expect to see brands consolidating their content efforts into a few select channels – those that create the strongest audience connections and yield the most fruitful results.  

2020 Content Marketing Predictions | Content Strategy

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